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Let’s Get This Thing Started

I don’t know what this thing is going to be, but I’m going to start.

I just finished a 22 mile bike ride and while I was riding I was thinking, I could blog this and I could blog that, except the blog is not set up yet.  Plus, I wasn’t ready, the stuff I thought about on the bike ride is a little off topic, not that I thought I had to stay on topic with a blog, but I wanted to start out with my topic. Conflict.

I wrote a book on quitting smoking and it won’t be out until the end of the year at the earliest, so I thought, “You know, I’ll just see if I can find some people to help quit while I promote my book and maybe I could build a workbook from that.”  Well, by the end of the bike ride, I nearly nixed that idea.  At least not in the class structure or coaching.  I do have an idea for a workbook and an app, but I’m not really sure how to execute it on-line in a somewhat live situation.  Although, if you smoke and know you should quit but can’t, please subscribe, maybe we will come up something.

My book, ‘The Crooked and Varied Path to Quitting Smoking,’ is divided into two sections, “Indirect Issues and Direct Issues.”  I haven’t ridden a bike for the past 15 years and I find myself pulling out old tools to resolve some of those ‘Indirect Issues.’

I am not athletic, but weight gain is forcing me to consider it, because nothing else is working.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on a bike, namely because they keep getting stolen.   Except, even when we all had bikes, I wasn’t allowing the time to go ride them.  Now, I have a new bike and I’m doing 22 mile bike rides that take two hours.  My neighbor and I challenged ourselves to make an entire loop around the city twice before snow flies.  We made the loop once and now we are doing it weekly.  This was our third attempt as we weaved in and out of the litter from last nights fireworks.  (The paved bike trail makes a nice launching place.) Today was our first time dealing with strong headwinds.  OMG, over the past few weeks we’ve been able to get our speeds up 12-14 mph, today with the headwinds we were seeing numbers as low as 7 but mainly 8-10 mph.  Seeing that, early in the ride, and knowing what is ahead of us, is overwhelming.

When it was over, I winced as I caught a glimpse of my shape reflected in the storm window of my screen door.  What happens when I reach my ideal weight?  Am I still going to think this bike ride is so great?  I’ve already achieved going around the loop.  If I stop biking after my goal, (or winter) will the weight come back?  I’m told it will.  What else is there after achieving goals?  How do I keep it fresh?  How do I keep maintaining when my focus will automatically find itself on a new goal that I desire?

Again, just like in quitting smoking, I find myself in training to like it, to look forward to doing it.  Not to look upon it with dread.  Not waiting for motivation, which can be so hit and miss.  I want to be eager to do the activity.

So I’m on a new crazy path and you know what?  This path is supposed to be about running and I took a crazy detour on the bike path.

Now, I’m going to burn more calories by mowing the lawn.  Tootles.

I’d like to say until next time, please subscribe so there will be one.

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