Female God Thor?

Does anyone else think that something is wrong with this female god Thor?   Series writer Jason Aaron says “Not She-Thor.  Not Thorita or Lady Thor.  This is Thor.”  Check  Marvel’s website.

I have not read the comic.  This is a post on my reaction and my first reaction is, “What?”

Then I continued reacting.

Did anyone ask the Norwegians if we could mess with their legends? With their history? (Actually I have thought this before they introduced the female Thor.)

Then I got my Norwegian heritage riled up.  Would they or could they have done this with Zeus?

What is wrong with the word goddess? The ‘ess depicts female. The word female isn’t a definition second place.   If this is still the default perception then we need to address how the word, female, is perceived, not remove it.

We don’t have penis envy, do we? There are goddesses out there to shed light on. Why not pick one of them to update.

Why not create new characters. There was no Wonder Man before Wonder Woman.

Would anyone address Queen Elizabeth as King Elizabeth? Is this suggesting that we should?

Both the TV show “The View” and the “Lean In” organization have presented this to the public as this is something to cheer about.  I have recognized within myself that I am not cheering.   I’m curious … Are you?

P.S.  The grammar checker was giving me grief about the singular/multiple use of goddess, so I looked it up and I found out  that NIKE is a female goddess!  BOOHYA!  Maybe I should have known this before, but I know it now!

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