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Well I’m still behind this blogging 101 challenge.  I need to embed something in yesterdays post which was Wednesday’s challenge.  Thursdays challenge was to look for 3 new themes and instead I am just going to write about my theme.  I will read todays’s challenge tonight and still be behind.  I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE!

I chose my theme based on the picture.  I see it as a bog and it is a beautiful picture of a bog and since I think I’m talking to people who are bogged down, I thought it was relevant.

Plus its pink.  I sprinkle power blue and baby pink every where I go.   That is why I surprise the heck out of people when I am abrasive.  (haha, yesterdays post…)

Seriously.  What I need from a theme is to sell books.  It seems with this awesome theme that all my embedded links are hidden behind the sliding door.  I love sliding doors, we have a huge pocket door from our entry to our living room.  And like this pocket door in my living room I would want this door to be mostly open so that people can see my links and click on them instead of having to go search for them.  I don’t see them doing that.   I see a few doing so, if they are curious to click on my about page.

I also don’t really do pictures.  It seems like I can never find or create a picture that matches what is in my head, so I usually stick with posts.   I know I should get into pictures more… and that is not to say that I won’t ever post pictures, that will come with practice so, I just don’t want pictures to be the focal point of my blog.  Although I might want to decorate my blog. You know, leave something up for a while and not have it change from post to post.

This is also an exercise for a quick post before work and I keep digressing and rambling…   So I want… Posts to be my main focus.  Selling and sharing to be second, with visible embeds and something pleasing to the eye that I can have fun decorating, but don’t have to maintain with every post.

If anyone has any experience with kind of theme I’d like to hear from you. In the mean time I’m going to use the weekend to search for my three.  Any suggestions will be a bonus.

(I’m on my way to work,  sorry for not editing)



One thought on “Blogging 101 Theme

  1. Sandi October 10, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Hi, Heather! Unfortunately, I was looking for themes that worked well with pictures–or at least I was for my sappyasatree site. I have another, less picture-oriented site (whatoftwasthought), and I’m using “Chateau” there. However, the font is tiny, so I don’t know if I recommend it. I wrote a post about my search for themes on the sappyasatree site, but I don’t know how helpful it would be.


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