You can make this about anything you want.  For example, I already worked with my faith when I became under-employed.  By the time I was ready to quit smoking, I had to deal my surroundings and interacting with people.

Now to really send home the message that the exercise is whatever you want.  I turned over excerpts of this book to my writers group and they pointed out that the virtue is about faithfulness and not faith.   I actually heard a thud inside my head — It’s about being loyal?  “Screw that, the work I did was in faith!  Faith that you guys show up to our club.  Faith that my car starts!  Faith that I get this done!”  I dangled my submission by the stapled corner.    Well, not exactly, I processed it a lot slower than that.  Wow, did I have the blinders on.  You will see that I was able to bring it full circle.  I’m convinced that I had to work on faith before I could become faithful.  So do what you need to do.


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