My Fruity Experiment

No matter if you buy my Fruit of the Spirit books or not, the little experiment is easy enough to do …  Take one day and work on Patience.  Take another day to work on Kindness.  Another for Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control and we can meet here to compare notes.

This fruity experiment is something I stumbled upon.  I had an idea, I gave it a practice or two, worked some kinks out, I saw results, and I decided to share.  I am not a professional in anything, I was aware of my surroundings and made it work. (Okay, I’m a certified floral designer, and I am not using that training.)  But, I will say… If you ever received good advice but you were still left wondering how?  I have too.  A lot.  This little experiment helped me to get down to the how.  Take one day to try it out.  You can add another day if you want but make it work to your own life.

This site is under construction.  I’m going to run a few prompts on here and we will see what happens.  My editor will probably get a hold of this and make me make all sorts of changes too.  So please stay tuned.

If you want to take part in this fruity experiment go ahead share by your comments.  If they get too big for the comment section, write it up on your blog and link to this page.  From our last blogging 101 exercise, I’ll be notified that you linked up to my blog and I can probably post a link.  We will see….


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