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I made a new category page!  This page is to set aside my blog topics about quitting smoking.  Even though smokers dread the idea of quitting, they do ask former smokers how they did it.  When I had asked; the most the former smokers could think up was, “You’ve got to want it.”

Really?  Of course I want it.  But how? 

I’d come away from the conversation more distraught over how much more willpower do I need, than filled with confidence that people do quit, with the proof right in front of me.

Eventually I stumbled upon the False Quit Dates.  I set a quit date, then of course I failed –again.

I took a look at why I failed.  For the most part there are all these promises of life getting better after quitting, and by the second or third day of withdrawal a person gets tired of waiting.  Especially when everything gets worse instead of better.

Once I submitted to the fact that withdrawal is withdrawal and it’s going to work in its own time, that I couldn’t do anything but just wait it out … I decided that I would have to work on my temperament.  With that I set another quit date to see what else I could come up with.  And that is how I came up with the False Quit Dates.

I only needed the threat of quitting to work up another issue.  I kept choosing the easiest issue that came up in hopes that the hard ones wouldn’t be so hard if I worked on the easy ones first.

If you smoke, go ahead and give it a shot.  Set your quit date for tomorrow.  What is the first thing that comes up?  Why does the idea of quitting tomorrow bother you?  Put your reason in the comments. Or blog about your reason and link back here.  And, don’t worry about it, it is not as if you are really going to quit tomorrow … Are you?


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