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Day 1 NaBloPoMo

It’s National Blog Posting Month!  I thought what a wonderful way to build content for a new blog!  After all, when I found National Novel Writing Month  (NaNoWriMo)  I took March and created my book by writing 1,500 words a day.  Four years later I’m still editing that book and I’m in the middle of publishing a series of six little commuter reads, but hey, I’m figuring things out.  I’m finding out how to be a writer … and today is no different.

Today I am eager to get started with creating my post … but wait!  How do I cross-post?  Where do I cross-post? There is a newsletter to sign up for too, gotta remember that.  Log in and create a profile?  I did.  It seems … separate.  Did I do the right thing?  I’ve gotta be somewhere by 12:30.  Will I be done by then? 

This is what I do.  I am uncertain about everything and I pick one thing to get started.  Most times that leads to more questions, but hey, that just means I will be more thorough as I get more done.  Leave no rock unturned, but it’s my choice to take or leave what is under the rock.  I base those choices on if I really want to do this or not.  So far it is looking like I want to do this. The need to post is outweighing all the angst and fear of what I do not know.  The satisfaction I feel after, figuring that out, is telling me to keep on going.  Find the next step.  Cover all bases.  Be curious.  Be thorough.

Today is the day to figure it out.

Tomorrow is the day to see if I can repeat it.

The next day; see if I can do it in less time.

AND I’M OFF and running …  I NaMo!


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