Daily Archives: November 3, 2014

Day 3 NaBloPoMo; Reading Day

Mondays are now a reading day for me.  With all the Blogging challenges, I found many blogs to follow, which is great, but I was getting tied to my e-mail, and somehow I would find my way back to the internet.  In the Reader, I found I could edit and manage how I follow people. There are these nifty little choices: get notified immediately after someone posts, daily, weekly, etc…  and I chose weekly.   Those notifications all come in on Monday, so now Monday is reading and commenting day for me.

Now, I know when I post I’m usually watching for a response right away.  Therefore, in some ways weekly notification would kinda suck for some people.  Except, with some relief, I have noticed a slight change in my behavior.  I can post and leave it alone, without switching to the Stats and intensely hanging around for someone to notice.  Now I realize some people won’t even get notified until Monday.   I can post and move on with my day.   Yes! This is going to work.   Whew!

Happy NaMo Everyone!

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