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Day 11 NaBloPoMo; You Can Care Without Worry

quote: Corrie Ten Boom

quote: Corrie Ten Boom

If I could eliminate one thing to worry about? It would be worry.

One of the most powerful epiphanies I ever had, one where I literally felt my universe shift, was that I can care without worry.

They are two different things!   Worry is worry and caring is caring.  I don’t have to demonstrate worry to show that I care.

I actually had to take a couple of days to work on this one.   I had to catch myself when I felt I had to demonstrate worry, and think quickly, okay I’m not worried, don’t be worried: just care …  how do I care? … why do I care?  … what do I do because I care?   And the biggie, if worried is not involved; what is caring?

Most of the time the “shift” was about taking my focus of me and what I do and say and place my focus on listening to the other person or pay attention to the situation.

  • Simply put, I shut up and nod when other people talk.
  • I quit trying to prove that I understand by telling my story when they are telling theirs.
  • I quit trying to cover all bases and answer questions before they were asked.
  • I quit trying to prove my intelligence, in the face of whatever is a concern to them.

The result is they feel cared for.

If it is a situation, plans formulate to take action, but only after a complete understanding of the situation. No wasted time.  No wasted effort.  No explanations of, “I thought.”  No embarrassment.

I do dishes and clean the floors because I care about my house, not because I am worried about what other people think.  Or worry that things are getting out of control.  The surprising thing, is this comes in really handy when I don’t have time to get it done.  Since I know I care, I just find a time to do it when I can and get it done then.  No regrets about what I did instead.

Furthermore, now when I care, I actually care.  I am more formidable because I have passion instead of worry.  I can act swiftly because I don’t have the weight of the world on me.  I don’t worry about being wrong.  If I truly care, I am staying on topic and moving forward.


In the spirit of Veteran’s Day, if we could eliminate one worry?  That would be to resolve the conflicts and bring our troops home.

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