Day 12: NaBloPoMo; Writers Block and How I Deal

Typically I don’t have a problem with writer’s block.  Usually, I get mad that I have to stop writing and go to work. Since I’m never writing when the best ideas come, I’m always jotting ideas down and making notes.  My friend at witty word smith came up with some personal notebooks for the writers association and calls them itty-bitty Brainstorm Dissipation Prevention Devices.   Yeah, I need that.  If a person is going to write, it’s all about capturing the idea.  My phone works too.  I always have that around and don’t have to rely on having a pen.

Oh, I do sit in front of a screen staring at the wall or out the window.  I’m trying to get the puzzles pieces to snap together.  It’s frustrating to force them to work together.  Especially when I know I have to stop soon and leave for my job.  So here are some tips and tricks that I have in my arsenal to keep things moving.

  • When making notes, jot down the inspiration.  Date, Time, Where, People.  Standing in line at the lunch counter on Tuesday with Debbie.  During writer’s block, you are waiting for inspiration to show up and hold your attention.  Well, revisit that place.
  • Got a non-fiction moment with a fiction deadline?  Incorporate it.  If two writers come out with different results on the same topic, why not one writer come up with two different genres on the same topic.
  • Leave it for the editor.  Human form or software form; doesn’t matter.  I know my grammar could make a grammar teacher cuss and induce urges to wrangle me back in, while shaking a finger in my face, “You don’t do that in front of people.”  I gave up that fight and I just write things out and then post them.  I always, always, do the best I can to edit my work first.
  • Learn to love to edit.  I really had to learn how to get over reading my work. Oh it is horrible.  I know why actors say they don’t watch their own films.  Blech!  But, if I am not writing, I’m editing. This keeps my writing moving forward.  If you have serious writers block… go edit your earlier work.  You will still get something done.
  • Go with your urge.  Right now, I should be formatting my next book, Goodness, for a Black Friday release.  I’ve fought this urge to post something on my blog since I got up.  I saw today’s prompt and I couldn’t help myself.  I went with my urge.  Seriously, I don’t know how I’m going to push formatting for later in the day, because I know I’m going to have some wine tonight.  I’m not going to format while shknockered.  Even if it is just a ‘lil bit.  But I know I will get it done.
  • Always adjust your goals.  I tell myself, “This is going to happen.”  Goodness will be published.  It seems as though I never make a self-imposed deadline.  Except! If I want to get something done, it gets done.  The deadline almost becomes obsolete.   Example.  If you write about holiday cooking and make a deadline for Thanksgiving, you’ve got to be wrapping things up about now, if you don’t make it shoot for Christmas.   If you miss Christmas are you late or are you a year ahead?
  • Don’t punish yourself.  Okay, if you earn a paycheck for that holiday cooking article, you’ve got some trouble to deal with.  But, I think you know what I am talking about; you have a finished article on holiday cooking and it is past the holidays.  If you aren’t naughty, naughty, naughty, you might be thinking you are ready for next year.  Maybe you’ll do the research to shop for a magazine to print your article. Maybe you will get a collection going and look towards publishing a book.

Keep moving forward.  You are doing this because you want to do this.  If you aren’t doing this, you’d let other things get in the way of it.  Sitting there and forcing something to come, just results in sitting there.  If I have the urge to get up from my desk, I get up.  I think of my best stuff, when I get up to put dishes away.   Of course this leads to running back to my computer, but this is my writing time.  Getting a few dishes put way is a bonus.  Maybe it will create more free time to write later… during my cleaning time.

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2 thoughts on “Day 12: NaBloPoMo; Writers Block and How I Deal

  1. Sandi November 12, 2014 at 11:52 am

    It is so much harder to back and work on an idea when it is no longer fresh — but restrictions and limits are a part of life. Great post! I could relate to your frustration, naturally, but I appreciate your giving some practical tips, too.


  2. 04ling November 12, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    It was a writers prompt from BlogHer and NaBlo project. But I should have slowed down and read that it was about extensive writers block, which I have never had. Now that I posted it, I wish I would have held on to it a little while.

    1. I should have been more to the point …. If I get up during writing time to put a few dishes away or water plants, I’m not really leaving the “frame of mind.”

    2. That and I should have stressed the fact that staring at the wall trying to get the puzzle pieces to snap together is not writers block, that is just writing. It is writing that hasn’t come out of the hand yet. If that makes any sense.


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