New Years Eve!

In many ways this has been a crappy year and I am eager to put it to an end.  I suppose it is a matter of perspective because I have met most of my goals.

Last year, I was going to be tiny by Christmas.  Well I’m not tiny, but I think I have found the problem and fixed it.   I went to the chiropractor and got everything back into alignment.  I fixed my digestion so I don’t have heartburn anymore.

I increased my exercise.  I rode my bike like crazy this year.   I also started running which is like huge leaps and bounds from someone who has always HATED running.  I have fallen out of routine since winter set in but I end the year not any bigger than the last.  That is success!  Usually I find another 10 lbs over the winter.  Not this year!  Tomorrow I start a new goal; 3 three miles a day, everyday; don’t care if it is walking or running; 3 miles a day minimum.

I started a blog.  I see activity daily, even on days I don’t post.  Now, that is exciting.  That is success.   I registered for Blogging 101 in January.  This time I will finish.

I published 3 little books and I do see some activity in sales. For next year I want to finish the series, complete the quitting smoking book.   I think I want to have that one published by Black Friday.   That is a tall order.  We will see where I am at next Thanksgiving.    Exciting.



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