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Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often

I have nothing more to add! Perfect!

Blogging 101: Dream Reader

Life is a crooked and varied path.  Get on it.  That is what I want to tell people.

I’m not kidding when I say that a funny thing happened on the way to quitting smoking; I got a life. I’m dead serious.  Before I quit smoking I was on a constant run of being half-assed and not quite right.

Oh, I did a lot.  The more time got short the more often I had to just make do.  By the time I could catch my breath I was off planning the next birthday, the next holiday, the next girl scout meeting, the next trip.  I was always running from one job to the next trying to please multiple leaders with my work ethic.  I usually held two or three jobs in trying to manipulate my schedule.  First to avoid paying for day care then later to be everywhere the kids were.

I’m a B personality who worked in highly competitive atmospheres.  I lived for years on the edge of yelling, “sit down and shut up!” But I couldn’t put my finger on what was really going on and instead I whined, “That’s not fair.”  I knew those co-worker were alike and I was different so I had to fix me to keep up.  And I tried, because I wasn’t going to let them stop me.  The more I tried, the more I felt like they shoved me aside, or at least held back.

My generation was to take the baton of feminism and be a success with it because all the generations before me had fought hard and won equality.  Somewhere along the line I realized I had become this anti-feminist, feminist.  I did what I was told and I didn’t know why it wasn’t working!  I was supposed to be happy and all I could see was that I was half-assed and not quite right.

Well as the way change usually happens, it all came to a screeching halt and I was the one who sat down and shut up.  “young and twenty” recently posted an axiom “you’ll never understand the way things pass until you step aside.”  That is exactly what I did.  I gave myself several quiet days and went about my day as I watched and learned.  There were two experiments that I did.

To quit smoking I started off with False Quit Dates.  I’d set a quit date which would bring up an excuse to quit quitting and start smoking again.  So I’d work on that excuse and then set another false quit date.  I kept setting them until there was nothing left but the real quit date. And I made it.  I quit smoking.

In the middle of all that I stopped and worked on my fruity experiment.  As a kid I got mad at my Grandma for trying to teach me the Fruit of the Spirit Bible verse as I was having trouble memorizing it.  Well because of that I recognized it when I saw it as an adult, and made a note of the verse and where I could find it.

One Christmas I saw Love, Joy, Peace everywhere, when it struck me … What if, you can’t get to the love, joy, peace until you enact the Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control?  ???

I stopped the False Quit Dates and I took one virtue a day and used it against anything that came up in my day.  I started with Patience.  Turned out I learned some things and I wanted another day.  Then I took another day and did it with kindness.  Turns out kindness only works when you are kind to yourself too, this was no Random acts of kindness exercise.  The difference was, I wasn’t putting things out there.  I was responding to events that came my way and not all those events were kind.

These two experiences gave way to other epiphanies such as:

  • You can care without worry.
  • I am not naughty, naughty, naughty.  I am an adult.
  • Be responsible without being held accountable.
  • Life is not fair.  Quit trying to make it fair.
  • Control yourself; Not others.
  • Be honest.
  • Don’t rely on motivation.  I work on my non-motivation skills.
  • Don’t make douche bag choices.

I am sharing information and I am a writer marketing my books about my experience.  My Dream Reader is someone who also has an interest in these topics.

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Hello Bloggers!  I am April Heather and my blog is Heather Publishing.  I am a writer and my blog is part of my marketing platform.  I have three little books that I call commuter reads for sale on Amazon and I am writing the fourth.  I call them commuter reads because if you are a passenger, you could most likely read them on a flight or on the way to work and back home and be done.  I’m not going to link during a Blogging 101 assignment but there is one on my about page if you want to check it out.

For me blogging is more of a conversation while writing a book is more of a one-sided discussion.  A blog is a chance for imperfection.  I might be on the pulse of an idea but, I might not have it fully figured out yet, and I will blog about it to figure it out.  As for perfection in grammar and punctuation, I save that for the books I publish, because I have an awesome editor.  With the blog it is just me.  My editor usually lets me know how I am doing on the blog.  (I’d love to have the income to pay my editor to work on my blog.)  Most of the time, I am blogging before work and I have to hurry up and be done, plus, I want to get back to writing my books.  You know, writing time is writing time, so I’m either writing my book or writing my blog.  So at any rate, I don’t mean any disrespect I’m just trying to get things done.

I have 8 months of material and that is a pretty good sampling of what I blog about if you care to pursue through them, right now, I want to talk about why I am here.  I am here because I was so involved in the assignments of last class that I didn’t finish.  I also didn’t spend very much time in the commons area.  The people who did spend time in the commons area came out of it with w-a-a-a-y more followers than I did.  I was happy with what I got and they have 20x more than that.  So yeah, spend time in the commons.  Be nice and help each other out.  Anyway, I was going to go ahead and finish the class on my own, but I heard they were going to do another course in Blogging 101 so I did a NaMo for blogging in November and I waited.

I’m looking forward to installing the WP app on my phone and I might change my theme.  I think I want my blog roll in a footer, so it is relevant on my shorter pages and on the longer pages it won’t matter. I’m looking forward to getting into doing the work again.  The work wasn’t hard, unless you find it hard to ask questions.  If you can ease up on yourself for not knowing what is going on and again for asking a question to find out, you are going to have a lot fun.  I know I did and I know I am going to again.

Motivation / Determination

My first lesson in determination was that I could start a project, skip a day, and be able to pick it right back up.

I think before that I relied solely on motivation.  I would not stop a project until I finished.  I could start painting a room and keep going until 4 in the morning so I could finish and get everything cleaned up.

My fear was that if I went to bed, I would wake up and get interested (motivated) in another project and leave the first one unfinished.  Then I’d have several half-done projects lying around.  (or at least get busy with my day and never get back to finish my project)

Actually I got this first lesson in determination from reading the Bible.  Well, it took a whole year.  Of course life got in the way and there was a week; nearly two, where I didn’t make the time to read.  From that, I was involved in this constant self-control thing where I repeated to myself, “I have read it.  I am in the middle of reading it.  I am determined to finish it.”  That is when I felt the true impact of defining determination.  I began to trust that I do finish what I start.  I relaxed and recognized while I may have to stay on task, I don’t have to extend myself and “over-achieve” to finish.

It is funny that I don’t remember that lesson being in the Bible, but I got that lesson out of my action of reading it. I could do a whole slough of posts on good and bad attitudes in reading the Bible.  Just the act of reading it is a journey.

Today I am determined to log in 3 miles a day, every day in January.   Why 3 miles?  Earlier this summer my marathon friend and I decided that the tipping point for loosing pounds was three miles.  Any distance is good,  I’m not dissing anything less than 3 miles, but talking among ourselves, it seems like 3 miles is a threshold.  With this in my head, I made a challenge right after Christmas to do 3 miles a day everyday until January 31st.  If I skip a day, I just keep going, then merely count how many days I missed.

Since we have had a little holiday break from exercising, I’ve been getting geared up … actually I’m kind of keyed up … I can hear myself be annoying especially when it comes to other people’s treadmills as I wanted to get started right away.  Well all the sudden everyone’s treadmills are out-of-order.

Like … because … I made a challenge?  ???

Even though I wanted to get started right after Christmas; when January 1st came along I couldn’t argue that the challenge started with a new month (let alone new year) so I ran outside.

Friday, I didn’t get outside before dark, so I went to the gym and because of a 9:00 closing time; they kicked me off the treadmill at 1.68 miles.  Ouch.  I should have went to the one across town because I think they are open until 11:00 maybe midnight.

I saw it coming, I was on that treadmill thankful that this disruption happened early while my motivation was still high.  The non-motivational skills that I talk about are good for doing what is familiar.  Keeping the pattern.  When it comes to jumping hurdles and smoothing disruptions my non-motivational skills get umm … grumpy.  It is easier to say screw it. I have done it.  I am in the middle of doing it.  I am determined to finish my challenge.  Just because I skip a day doesn’t mean I won’t finish.  Then I will skip that day.  — That is perfectly okay.

But seriously, to skip a day on my second day?  !!!  My motivation was way to high for that.  My day was running out and I was determined to jump through hoops to get things figured out and meet my goal.  So I went to the nearest gym and tested the limits to see how late they would let me stay after close.  Now I know, when the clock starts passing 8:00 to go to the other gym.  If it were later in the month I might not have been as determined to figure out what I don’t know.

I’m still in an internal battle that I only met half my goal on the second day, but I also know that I didn’t let any excuses stop me and now I have gained new information for the rest of the month.  Plus I’m not counting any days missed.  I can justify any way I want.  That is the problem with justifying.

To be fair to the person working, I didn’t even ask if I could finish, they said, “It’s 9:00 we’re closing.” and I pouted “okay.”  My ongoing lessons in determination has been big in learning how to handle interruptions.

My time on the treadmill got me analyzing, “How close are motivation and determination anyway?”  The higher the motivation the more determined a person is?  How about when your motivation isn’t there, is your determination more firm?  That’s what keeps you going when your motivation isn’t there.  Isn’t it?

I found it funny that the synonym for motivation is determination but motivation didn’t show up as a synonym for determination.   A synonym for one but not the other. ??? At least according to my computers dictionary, it is possible to have determination without motivation.  (Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus 2008)



  • reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way
  • the general desire or willingness of someone to do something



  • firmness of purpose; resoluteness
  • the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research
  • the controlling or deciding of something’s nature or outcome
  • the cessation of an estate or interest
  • tendency to move in a fixed direction

(New Oxford American Dictionary 2010, 2013)


Day 2.  1.68 miles.  Indoors; treadmill   The Curve   “It’s green because its manual and doesn’t take electricity.”   (I should see if the distance/calorie/time read-out is powered by batteries or by me)

Blog Awards: Tag Your It!

I have done some serious blog searching.  I received a blog award and I’m ready to post what I wrote except I need to find four blogs to nominate. Awards take time to complete and the purpose is to help grow your blog.  One award wants you to nominate 11 new bloggers.  Some of the bloggers I’ve gotten to know don’t need the help or are overwhelmed with their own blogging.  That leaves me trolling for new bloggers who don’t know me from a spammer.  Actually when it comes to naming the nominees, I feel like I’m tagging someone, yelling, “Your it!”, then run screaming back into the blogosphere.

This blog award has a due date of Jan 5th and I’m letting you know, I’m on the prowl.

BTW   Day 1,  I walk/ran 3 miles.  30 days to go.

Happy New Year! 2015!

I’m starting this new year off the way I want live this year.

  • I took today off so I can write without going into work.
  • I’m giving away free copies of Goodness and it is off to a good start.
  • I already did dishes and some laundry, later I will do some dusting and vacuuming.
  • I’m posting to my blog today.
  • I’m working on my Virtual Tour Blog Award which is due on January 5th.  I will be trolling the internet for 4 nominees.  It is very introspective.  I enjoyed working on it.
  • I will spend a substantial amount of time on my next book Faithfulness.
  • I got enough sleep last night even while ringing in the new year, so I didn’t over-imbibe and I ended 2014 as quickly as possible and went to bed soon after midnight.
  • I’m cooking a decent breakfast after this post.
  • I will walk/run 3 miles with a high of 27 and a low of 8.
  • And I will spend time with family and friends today.

I don’t think I could ask for a better day.  Isn’t that what everyone wants?  A little work; a little fun; good sleep; some good food; and a little socializing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not expecting simplicity. I’m expecting to be WoWed!  I want to be dazzled by life!  I want to be entertained in the moment! GOOD entertainment!

For the last 7, 8 maybe 9 years I have hoped for the best and put up with mediocre.  My recession is over this year.  At least as much as in my control.  I expect A LOT and I’m going to go out and get it.

Man, I hope I’m on the right track because I am expecting God to me half way.   Well, I have all year to figure it out and the year already began.

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