Blog Awards: Tag Your It!

I have done some serious blog searching.  I received a blog award and I’m ready to post what I wrote except I need to find four blogs to nominate. Awards take time to complete and the purpose is to help grow your blog.  One award wants you to nominate 11 new bloggers.  Some of the bloggers I’ve gotten to know don’t need the help or are overwhelmed with their own blogging.  That leaves me trolling for new bloggers who don’t know me from a spammer.  Actually when it comes to naming the nominees, I feel like I’m tagging someone, yelling, “Your it!”, then run screaming back into the blogosphere.

This blog award has a due date of Jan 5th and I’m letting you know, I’m on the prowl.

BTW   Day 1,  I walk/ran 3 miles.  30 days to go.

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