A Twenty-Four Hour Day? 1st of a 13 part series.


Title Page 24hr Day

I am a feminist.  Even though I may cringe at the word, there is no denying that I am a feminist.  I have been up and down the career ladder, I built my own ladder, twice.  I jumped off the ladder … um I fell … no, I jumped …

… I had a “controlled fall” off the ladder.  I worked so hard for so long, that when the recession came instead of putting 40 hours into a job hunt, as instructed by the media, I thankfully took to my bed.  I slept for three months straight and retrieved every deprived hour of sleep that I had missed out on for the past twenty years.

Whenever times got rough, I usually got off my butt and went to work some more.  This time that wasn’t the answer.  I went and got a part-time job where I only worked three-four hours a day and I slept.  Slowly and methodically I began to pick up the pieces.  I asked questions.  I timed myself.  I went looking for answers.

When I got a handle on this 24 hour day, I was able to quit smoking.  I made my exercise routine, more routine.  I became a better wife, mother, employee.

It is International Women’s Day.  Time magazine says feminism is finally growing some teeth.  The Clinton Foundation is removing women from pictures so that we can visualize that equality is not there yet.

This 24 hour day is the first of a thirteen part series.  If I could start my own women’s movement this would be my platform.  But why create factions.  I am female, and my actions reflect the current movement.  This is what I bring when I take my seat at the table.


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