24 Hours In A Day: 2nd in a 13 part series


Here is a twenty-four hour day.  It is the same twenty-four hours as my Grandmother’s, her Grandmother’s, and her great-grandmother’s.

It is the same 24 hour day that we ALL have.

I was in my twenties with two children when I took a breath in my hectic day and asked, “Shouldn’t something be different?  We have all these machines, a dishwasher, a washing machine and dryer, vacuums, all to make life easier.  Why isn’t this easier?  I don’t have five and ten kids like my grandmother and great-grandmother before me.”

I can argue, “These days women work?”

Okay.  Well, my Grandmother worked and she had it more put together than I did, with more children.

Although relevant, the history of working women is a debate for another day.  There are so many variables it’s easy to get distracted from the topic.  The purpose for this series is the state of contentment, happiness, and capability for all women of this generation.  It doesn’t matter if you work or stay home.  It doesn’t matter what race you are.  It doesn’t matter if you have children.  It doesn’t matter if you are married.  We all have the same 24 hour day and something is wrong.

It wasn’t until my thirties when I had it with all the repetitive striving to get through the day, when I had put the two thoughts together:

  • humans in the past are presented as happy and got mad.
  • In this age, we’re all searching for happiness.

If today, we are all searching for happiness what are we trying to switch from?  Anger? Disgruntled? Depressed?

I couldn’t accept that people in the past had less stress?  Or, different stress?  They had the Great Depression and their kids died on them all the time.  During an epidemic, my great-grandmother found two children in one day and that was after two others had died earlier in the week.  And I think waiting in a doctor’s office is stressful.

Like. Seriously?

I think we may have lost some tools from that generation to this. Something that made us unflappable against adversity.

What is relevant; I was always trying to put family first and no matter what I did, It felt like I had actually put my family last.  In the meantime my kids grew up and I’m not sure if I taught them how to properly wrangle this 24 hour day.

I had to figure it out.  I got out the timer and went through all the mundane daily goals I could find. I had to learn how to protect my good day.  These are things we feel pressured from both outside sources and internal wants and needs.

You are not going to agree with me on some of these points.  You are going to fight for your own specific wants. You will compete with me and think it won’t take that long and you can do it faster.  I say this, because I created the dang thing and I still fight myself on this.  Basically, at the end of this scenario, is where we would part ways and become individuals.  So if you can do it better than I can, you will have more time for that.

Also keep in mind if you are single there’s probably some room for comfort.  The more people involved in your household the more pressure you will feel.

Stick with me to the end and you’ll see what I mean.


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