Happy Earth Day!

This is the best time.  My name is April.  My birthday is in April.  Spring is my FAVORITE season.  My children were born in May and April.  It is my most energetic time of the year.  Easter has been my favorite holiday.  For us it has been about the meal and the HUNT.  The hunt for colored eggs, that WE MADE, and candy.  Now, Earth Day has crept upon our consciousness.

This year, I happen to have an Earth Day project.  To decrease the amount of cigarette butts tossed unto our landscape.  Those filters last FOREVER.

The way to do that is to help people to quit smoking.   In the most timely fashion, I began working on a Kickstarter campaign last month and I launched it this very Monday.  I am very excited!

Yes, I am unabashedly tagging along earth day’s coat tails, but the ridiculousness of those cigarette butts never decomposing struck me long before I quit smoking.  So I think it is a nice fit.

As I continue to build my sidebars with all the information and links, here is the short link, so you can have a look-see.

Please share even if you don’t back it.



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