Fruity Friday

Blogging University Day Fifteen:  Create A New Posting Feature.

I talk about many things on my blog.  My motivational series about not waiting for motivation to strike was popular, but the source of that was my fruity experiment.  My quitting smoking and sharing my idea of the False Quit Dates are important to me, but don’t garner much attention.  Quitting smoking is how I happened upon my fruity experiment.  I’m in the middle of my 24 Hour Day series and I am eager to get back to that.  The foundation of that series is also the result of my fruity experiment.

It is not lost on me that I created this Fruity Friday feature yesterday; a monumental day where the government legalized same-sex marriage and I might attract some unwanted attention from some rude people.  Let me assure you that this is not what my title is about and I see the derogatory term archaic anyway.  If you had thought that, I’m not going to apologize for you thinking that and I’m going to continue.  Besides, it maybe rather aloof and utopian but I can see how sticking with basic manners can put a huge dent into bullying and racism.

For my introduction of my new feature I will take the time to define the word fruity as something nourishing, healthy, and light and smells good.  Something produced such as:

  • the fruit of the spirit
  • the fruit of my labor
  • the fruit of my manners

I’m excited because on Thursday I found something that inspired me to write and by the time the assignment came around I already had my first 5 topics written down and ready for edit.   This will be an awesome testing ground.

Man, next week my life will be totally different.  New job, new feature, new routine.  YES!


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