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Fruity Friday On Pause

It may have looked like I’ve given up but, I’m regrouping.  I’ve learned a few things and have had a few thoughts plus I want to go back and finish a couple of other things.

Likely, this is an example of my MO, scatter things about then pick it up in an orderly fashion.  TaDa!  Organized!

Repeat with a new set of ideas.

The sensation of overwhelm alleviates boredom.  Plus I get to learn a few things.

Too bad it wasn’t the week of Faithfulness as I am demonstrating Faith that I will get it done even though my Faith in getting it done in a week has waned.


Blog On!



This isn’t to say that Random Acts of Kindness aren’t a good thing.  Because they are.  I’m just projecting my fear that people will pass by this because they’ll think it is my spin on a tried and true exercise.  And it’s not.  I tried doing the opposite and I’m fascinated with the results.

think small

think everyday

think normal

think I am a Kind person, therefore I share Kindness in everything I do.

This isn’t your goody-goody, Pollyanna, holier-than-thou, I’m better than you are, bull.  All of that comes from, I need to strive to be better than I am.

Guess what?  You aren’t naughty, naughty, naughty.

So then, if you aren’t naughty, what are you?

You’re kind.  (well I supposed you can come up with any answer.  That is fine.  Go through them.)

Scary concept right?  If everyone thinks they are kind then there will be chaos in the streets.

That is the fear. So remove the fear and act from the discovery that you are kind.

Take one day.  –You can always go back to normal tomorrow.  Heck you can even stop and go back to normal this afternoon.  No one will know.

So take one day.  — You know you have seven other days this week.  AND 52 weeks this year.

Take one day to shake off everything naughty, naughty, naughty about yourself.   Shake off the idea that everyone perceives everything you do as naughty, naughty, naughty.

Create a new default mode of I am kind.  Believe me you will have to reset to the new “I am kind” default mode several times during the day.

I am kind in everything I do because I am a kind person.  No grand statements, no false personas, no selfish ulterior motives.

This isn’t a white lie.  It’s not fake it until you make it.  It is more of an impulse.  What would happen if I based my reaction from “I am kind”?   Go figure it out.

Then, when you are ready, take one of your most profound findings and blog about it.  I am removing the Friday deadline to post so that you can release it when it is ready.  I understand that even though you didn’t publish a post, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t blogging.  I always get hung up in editing. Sometimes it takes a while to write what you want to write.

Fruity Friday will be the day to switch our focus and change the virtue.  I was having a problem with announcing that this weeks virtue is Kindness, yet my blog post was about my experience with Patience.  Confusing.  Right?  Anyway, this way I take ME out of it and you can have YOUR own experience.

Since my last post was late as I was working all this out, this weeks virtue is still Kindness.

See you next Friday.

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