Points to Address For The Feminism Movement pt2

Generations of us women have done our part to break the chains of the kitchen and the never-ending laundry. Here are some conflicts that, for me, arise nearly on a daily basis. I wonder if you feel the same?

There Is Time … And It Will Get Used.

About five out of those twenty child-rearing years are jam-packed. What is wrong with telling busy women that they are doing the right thing? We need the truth that in certain times, life is supposed to be BUSY.

Stress is created when you are doing one thing while you think you should be doing another; just know that me-time, and experiences for growth and exploration will be there eventually.

Keep dreaming and capture those ideas. Keep planning solutions for your future, both professional and personal.  Your time will come as those kids grow up.

The point is … If you are running non-stop from sun up to sundown for a few years because you’re living your dream of home and family, you’re doing something right.


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3 thoughts on “Points to Address For The Feminism Movement pt2

  1. oneta hayes March 30, 2016 at 5:14 am

    This perspective is rarely presented. You have done with a well written piece.


  2. 04ling March 30, 2016 at 7:51 am

    Thank you Oneta, and good hearing from you.

    There were times when I took “me-time” and I couldn’t figure out why I came out worse than when I started. Mostly because it set me farther behind on my things-to-do list and disappointment that it wasn’t the “reset button” that I was looking for.

    Sometimes the best way to de-stress is to face your stressor along with a view point that a crazy jam packed schedule is a good thing. … In stages anyway. Things do change.


  3. momtheobscure April 1, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    Thank you so much, all this me-time really irks me. Sure I’d like to do other things at times but then I tell myself there will come a time. This is why it’s good to have inter-generational friends. The time I spend with the ‘grannies’ is so refreshing and inspiring and reminds me that life goes in cycles.


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