Points To Address For The Feminism Movement pt 3

Generations of us women have done our part to break the chains of the kitchen and the never-ending laundry. Here are some conflicts that, for me, arise nearly on a daily basis. I wonder if you feel the same?

Cooking isn’t reserved for the talented. Knowing how to cook is a must.

The whole feminist movement is based on the independent woman. Why would an independent woman rely on others for her sustenance?

You need to cook for your own self-reliance. Get familiar with YOUR kitchen, YOUR equipment and the foods YOU eat. Learn how to avoid burning your food. Learn how to plan ahead. Learn how to shop for what you need. Learn how to use what you have.

Start by frying an egg to perfection. By experimenting with cooking temps, types of oil and timing, you get to know your stove and your frying pan.

You only need to learn a few meals for breakfast and a few for supper. Leftovers can be your next day’s lunch. The rest of your meal times will be filled in with sandwiches, dining out, and experimental meals.

Then pick a dish or two “to bring.” Take the time to perfect them. Be proud of them. Impress yourself and others. These do not need to be hard, complicated, or time-consuming, as these are your “go-to dishes” for when people gather and you need to do your part.

Once you know enough to be self-reliant then you can choose not cook.  If you never obtain the knowledge then you’ve never been given the choice.

The point is … Know enough to take command of your own health, your own home, and your own independence.


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