Points To Address For The Feminism Movement pt 4

Generations of us women have done our part to break the chains of the kitchen and the never-ending laundry. Here are some conflicts that, for me, arise nearly on a daily basis. I wonder if you feel the same?

Cleaning and basic household chores are about taking care of you.

Chores are about a woman and her stuff and have nothing to do about enslaving her to a man and family. A single woman still needs to do the dishes, dust, wash clothes, clean out the tub and shower. Why? So she can have a plate ready for her next meal. So she can step into a clean shower to get clean. So her favorite clothes are ready for when she wants to wear them.

In our long battle with rights to equal work and equal pay, we have vilified the words “housewife” and “homemaker.” These words have evolved into derogatory terms. Basic household chores are considered demeaning and unworthy of our attention. These negative implications contradict the idea that a clean place is welcoming and a well-kept person is approachable.

To maintain a manageable day, we have to recognize that the things purchased with the money we earn, need care and maintenance. If you want it or bought it, you have to take care of it.

The point is … Whether single or married, with children or not, work inside or outside of the home, male or female for that matter, if you have a place to come home to, then you are a “homemaker.”


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One thought on “Points To Address For The Feminism Movement pt 4

  1. oneta hayes April 7, 2016 at 6:19 pm

    And, I think, most of us still like to go to bed clean and wake up to a orderly existence. Bring on the Bon Ami.

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