Points To Address For The Feminism Movement pt 12

Generations of us women have done our part to break the chains of the kitchen and the never-ending laundry. Here are some conflicts that, for me, arise nearly on a daily basis. I wonder if you feel the same?

This isn’t the start of anything. Women HAVE BEEN doing.

Margaret Brent was one of the largest landowners in the 1600’s.
Mary Musgrove ran a fur trading post in the 1700’s.
Women worked as nurses during the war of 1812.
Women were writing and publishing books in the 1800’s.
Harriet Beecher Stowe – Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852
Louisa May Alcott – Little Women 1868
Emily Dickinson – Poems 1890
Kate Warne was a detective for Pinkerton in 1856.
As Americans pioneered west, women worked as postmasters.
The Triangle Shirtwaist fire killed over 100 women in 1911. Women had to have worked there in order to die in that fire.
Not to mention all the Rosie the Riveters during WWII.
Muriel Siebert bought a seat on the NY Stock Exchange in 1967.
All throughout time, widows took over family businesses and women ran business behind the shield of a husband. When we perpetuate the myth that women never worked, are we erasing these people and their deaths from history?

Just because we had to step from behind the shield, or single women needed better access to banking, doesn’t mean women didn’t work.

The point is … We aren’t the exception in anything we do. We are the rule.


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