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Are Protesters Iconic or Idiotic?

Protesters are blocking interstate traffic to get their message across.

Really?  This is not some iconic stand for the American way.  These protesters have no regard for the unsuspecting driver that comes upon them. Yes, it is their life that is at risk, if they get killed, that’s it for them in this life.  What about the life of the driver who has to go on living with the fact that they killed someone?

It is not iconic.  It’s stupidity.  It carelessness.  They scream that empathy needs to be awakened, but yet they demonstrate they have none. There will be one or two that die before they discover they should’ve had some empathy for the person that accidentally kills them.  Instead of giving light to the cause, these actions in protest will detract from the cause of race relations and focus on the dangers of distracted driving or jaywalking.

And here is the thing that no one sees, protesters standing in the streets blatantly disregard authority. Yet, when they want people to pay mind when they assert their authority. That is not the American way.  To take out an authority figure to replace it with your own is tyranny.

What’s that?  You’re not going around asserting your authority?  Really?  What is then, when you go around telling people to behave themselves and to quit shooting each other. You want to be heard. You want people to mind what you say. You’re asserting your authority.

If you want to assert your authority.  You have to respect the one that is in place, just for the mere fact that you want your authority respected.

Think of it this way.  If you were to take over the world you would have some sort of mitigating force to keep the peace. The same type of people are going to join this force. So that takes training.  We need to quit talking about the need for having a talk.  We don’t need to share each others painful stories and wallow in each others misery.  If I want to take time out of my day to meet with you; I want to have some fun, I want to accomplish something.  Maybe eventually we’d be able to get to know each other better, maybe not. Most of all, we need to quit spreading the hate.  This means you, head of your household, to quit teaching hate and that life is unfair to the children in your household.  Yes, this also means me.  We need to teach those in our households to uphold manners and that life is what you make of it.

This is hard to do when there is a bunch of idiots standing in front of oncoming traffic!

The American way is to govern yourself.  Governing yourself is not choosing between Trump and Hilary.  Governing yourself is not even having the option to run, even though you do have that option.  To govern yourself you need to take into consideration empathy for others.  To govern yourself you have to have the mind and faculties to move forward in life, liberty, and happiness without putting others in danger.

Governing yourself is not an automatic default to govern others. It means to govern yourself, and to do it without a negative impact on others.

How dare you protesters in the streets infringe on the pursuit of happiness of the oncoming driver!

#dontmakedoucebagchoices  there are better ways to govern yourself to get your message across.

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