Geographical Oddity: Food Is BackAssWards.

I joke that the only thing I can eat is steak and carrots.  I do find it uncanny that bananas, potatoes, carrots are the junk foods of the “health foods” yet these are my go-to foods to stay safe.

I can’t eat:

  • Gluten
  • MSG
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • Fructose as an additive.
  • Honey
  • I don’t eat partially hydrogenated anything.

on the watch list:

  • Foods naturally higher in fructose over glucose, such as Apples.
  • garlic and onion  (this is even harder to eliminate than gluten)
  • Avocados
  • ketchup
  • tomatoes
  • other nightshade vegetables
  • fish, but I rarely eat this anyway
  • Citrus Fruits (these maybe a separate issue, but IDK that is why I have to test theories)
  • Nuts
  • Salt

Not too long ago I experienced an episode from some greenbeans that we froze from our summer garden.  I cooked them until they looked like they were canned. I filled up half my plate next to a piece of steak and added a dab of butter and some salt and pepper.  A few hours later I could feel my tongue activate a new bloom.  The next morning I woke up feeling the dense spot in my neck.  A sign that precludes a migraine that shoots pain over the left side of my head and affects my eye.  Not in the mood to screw around, I hit the Advil right away.  Problem is Advil doesn’t fully work, but I had to get to work and settle for a less than a ideal day.  Usually a hot flash and sudden break-out in sweat  24-30 hours later tells me the contaminate has passed and the bloat begins to deflate.  I spent the rest of the week getting upset over greenbeans.  Another health-food to put on the bad food list!!

My mother-in-law is an over-worked chef who has pretty much kept to herself until recently with her semi-retirement. Now in her new spare time at home she gets board and cooks. All the sudden she brings her leftovers over like; daily.  Food that is supposed to be celebrated from a culinary expert has now become mystery meat and like all foods is suspect for contamination.

A couple of years ago I would have been grateful for this gift and dove right in and relished it.  Now I have to watch other people enjoy her skills while I go in search of my safe food.

To her credit she tries to accommodate, but there is so much on the do not eat list that I don’t trust her accommodations; just like anything that I eat. Early on, she acted like I was being disagreeable.  Once, she tried getting my approval by floating a plate in front of my face so I could smell some of her work. After I tried getting a look at what appeared to be something savory and enveloped in gravy, I followed through because I was put on the spot, but she noticed my hesitation and scorned, “What, can’t even smell gluten?”  She never even saw that it was something I may want to eat. Something that I miss.  She didn’t see it as teaseing me.  She only saw that I wasn’t openly accepting her cooking.

She hasn’t pushed the boundaries that hard since.

So what can I eat? Steak, carrots, lettuce, potatoes and chips, Breyer’s ice cream, Glutino chocolate chip cookies, gluten-free corn chips.

Something else that is weird. I eat mayonnaise on everything.

I’m going to have to get used to logging in and charting my bad days.

Dec 21  White spots inside of both cheeks.  Lower gum line on left side.  Scalloping tongue on right and general inflammation.  Not much for a true geographic tongue with red patches outlined in white.

Dec 22  Woke up with uncomfortable feeling on back-left of my neck. I worked out from morning movements.  I may have worked it down to the area surrounding the scapula and wraps to my side on the left.

Suspect:  On the 20th I had Yogurt after abstaining from yogurt for most of the year.  (see what I mean? backasswards.)





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