Geographical Oddity: What Happens When I Eat An Unrestricted Diet?

Why would I keep to such a strict diet? Because there are consequences when I don’t.

When I eat the wrong foods, I get aches, pains, sweating, headache, dizziness, vertigo. I get brain fog; I’m quite spacey, and my intelligence is diminished.  To be clear, I believe my I.Q. is the same, but my intelligence is more accessible when I eat clean.

One wrong food and I stop losing weight. I retain water.  When it releases, I experience an urgent need to urinate and I’m peeing every twenty minutes. Just like when pregnant a swollen uterus presses on the bladder and creates an urgent need to pee; an inflamed bowel, lymph nodes and other tissues press on the bladder.  This experience can last anywhere from one to four days.  From ONE wrong food.

I also experience inconsistant bowl movements ranging from loose to bound up.

I also get those geographical patches on my tongue, white sores on the inside of my cheeks. My tongue thickens, the fissures deepen, the scalloping on the edges increase in size and I can’t taste my food.  That sucks especially now that I know what food is supposed to taste like.

If I keep eating the wrong foods, in a matter of days, I lose my hair in patches. I get anywhere from a dime to quarter size bald spots on my head.  This process is slow.  So slow that I will start growing a little tuft of hair in the center of this circle as I continue to lose it along the outer edge of the circle.  It looks like a weird donut. Once the process starts it does not stop. Correcting my diet does not help.  It continues for whatever preset my body has determined for that space.  The spot on the back left of my crown is usually about the size of a quarter.  The one behind my right ear is the size of a dime.  The one to the right of my part is a nickel.  I have gone to the dermatologist and received steroid shots in my head.

Eating the wrong foods messes with my sleeping patterns. I used to snore, loudly, I’m told. So loudly that I moved into another room, because I was repeatedly awakened to tell me to quit snoring and roll over.  Since I started my diet I have quit snoring and moved back into my bedroom.  I eat the way I eat because I like sleeping with my husband.

Low energy levels even when I get enough sleep is one of the first signs that I ate something wrong.  My guess is that this has more to do with disrupting circadian rhythms and the inability to reach R.E.M. rather than snoring and sleep apnea.

Okay, so, my tongue swells and the lymph-nodes in my neck and chest swell. That swelling takes up room. All of that creates the snoring, the throbbing, the shortness of breath. When I wonder why I am short of breath even though I don’t smoke and I’m not overexerted, I start thinking about all the lymph-nodes in my chest wall and how my lungs have to press up against them when they are swollen.

I didn’t think I had trouble swallowing until the inflammation was reduced in my neck.

Skeletal; I feel frail. My teeth aren’t as anchored.  My dentist was always telling me that my gums were at -4 and I had to watch it because it is a precursor for periodontal disease.  Not anymore.  Now it is in reverse. I can tell a difference.  Not only do my teeth feel securely anchored but my jaw feels stronger.  Also back when I was in the bedroom by myself, I would lay flat on my back without a pillow all night.  Rolling over on my side would knock me out of alignment. …I really did feel frail. I do not feel as frail as I did a couple years ago. I’m not kidding when I say I am growing younger.

Because of this, I quit going to the chiropractor routinely.  My reasoning? My lymph nodes quit swelling and quit pushing everything out of the way and knocking me out of alignment.

It’s like duh, accommodations need to be made for the swelling.  Sometimes when I think of the simplicity of it all, I just want to cry.

Speaking of lymph nodes, those tender lumps under my armpit went down.  My doctor always blamed shaving for those lumps. I don’t do routine breast exams because I had always felt lumps. Lumps that weren’t cancer.

This isn’t a wonder cure where one thing fixes all.  Gluten gives me room spins. Tomatoes give me nauseating heartburn. Citric acid makes me sweat profusely.  But, even then I’m not treating a thousand things.  I’m treating one thing, I’m preventing inflammation, and inflammation makes everything go haywire.  It make sense when I think about it.  Inflammation presses on my bladder, it presses against my lungs, it makes my throat smaller.

Once I eat something wrong, the effect lasts for days. It could be a week.  This isn’t be uncomfortable for a few hours and start again tomorrow.  I have to let it run its course.  It may start with heartburn.  It may start with a backache. The migraine may subside but I still experience inflammation. Usually I can tell it’s over when I break out in a refreshing sweat and I instantly feel wonderful.  Sometimes this happens at 9:00 pm then  I am up for another five hours because I feel good and that’s energizing.  It’s like letting down the flood gates and the energy flows.  Then I’m either cleaning, crafting, or writing all night.

When you experience your body feeling wonderful. When you experience your body working the way God intended. When you realize that the efficient machine is not just meant for other people but it is yours too. You want to keep it.  And then get a little pissed when you think of all the years that you were robbed of it.

Another reason to stick with it? It’s temporary.  This can’t last. We have to find out what is going on, because this is no way to live.   I know I am not the only one.  Who else is out there?



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