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Geographical Oddity is getting its own space!

Hello everyone! I’ve been busy! I’ve created a special space just for Geographical Oddity. This space is reserved for people with Geographic Tongues and parents that have children with Geographic Tongue.  I’m so excited! Once we get together posting our experiences, asking each other questions, taking each others polls, who knows what we will come up with.  So of course, any medical professional who is curious about what we are doing is always welcome.

Geographical Oddity is a deep interest community that I’ve created over on Mighty Networks.  If you have participated in Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In app or Gretchin Rubin’s Better app you’ve done this before.

Membership to participate in the community is $1.00 a month. We are talking about inflammation here and who knows where that topic will lead us. A membership charge helps kick the seclusion up a notch. (Please note that I am offering a little quiet corner of the internet and not security.)  I also understand that inflammation may also hit the paycheck pretty hard, so first, join right now and I will see what I can do about keeping membership free, second, I have some ideas about donating membership but we need to get started in order to have those conversations.

This blog will continue for things that I find interesting because after all, Life is a Crooked and Varied Path.  (haha Love it!)


Got questions?  Come on over and ask them because we are going to dive deep into this interest.

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