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Popping The Clutch On the False Quit Dates

Back in 2016 I had given myself the deadline to either finish the “quitting smoking” book or get an agent.  I did not meet the requirements of my deadline. After 7 years of working on it, I was done.  I had to move on.  I wanted to indulge myself in a new project. Namely, why does food affect my geographic tongue and give me migraines?  During a session with my Nutritionist, in trying to figure this out I blurted, “I want to get 100 people in a room. I want to get 100 people with a geographic tongue in a room.”

While I was thinking of round tables in a meeting room in a convention hall, after a few days of Capturing the Idea, I Sought the Solution of the internet and started Geographical Oddity.  An on-line community where we can all blog about the cause and effect of our Geographic Tongue.

I spent a few blissful months without giving the False Quit Dates a thought.  I couldn’t even generate a thought about my process to quit smoking during the few times I was asked about it.  That vault was sealed to the point that even “You’ve Got To WANT It,” floated through my brain as a response.  I remembered enough of the process to NOT SAY THAT.  In a last minute scramble, I explained that it took me 9 months of focus to get me to the point where I could actually quit.

Then one day I was talking with the administrators of the social-media community about alternatives in building my site, but the questions were for building the False Quit Dates and not Geographical Oddity.   Totally caught me off guard.  I thought that vault was shut and sealed. Although, I did think it was kind of cool how easily I could “overlap” the two, so I held on to that thought.  Then I figured, I’d get so damned curious about what would happen if I did create a community for the False Quit Dates, that I’d better find out.  After all, I don’t want to miss out if it happens to become a wild success.

At 14.99 a month I think this could be a great deal.  Much cheaper than a carton of cigarettes, or buying the patch, lozenge, or prescription.  It is also a better deal for a whole year at $164.00.  That is still cheaper than smoking cessation classes that demand people quit smoking in 6 weeks.

While this blog really has no direction and has become a behind the scenes dumping ground for everything I practice (and maybe become a bit whiney sometimes) you are going to see more practice.  I have finally graduated to a professional e-mail with ConvertKit that is what I am going to be practicing.

As always, writing right up until the time I have to go to work.  See you next time.

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