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Day 3 Blogging 101: Get To Know The Neighbors

Don’t Fear The Reader, I did most of my work last time around.  The first time around, working on my theme fell over unto this assignment and I just clicked on the reader, tried to figure out what it was and called it good.

This time since I am already happy with my reader I was able to stretch myself a bit. These tags seem so simple but I was able to get to a place where I could lighten up.

My Reader tags for today are:

  • Purple
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Norway

Not to mention last week I entered Garden and Flowers

The sites I visited were


Between getting caught up in other people’s blogs and one night of going to bed early, I’m already starting to slip behind.  It’s not too bad though because I’m enjoying the work.

See you in the next assignment!

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Hello Bloggers!  I am April Heather and my blog is Heather Publishing.  I am a writer and my blog is part of my marketing platform.  I have three little books that I call commuter reads for sale on Amazon and I am writing the fourth.  I call them commuter reads because if you are a passenger, you could most likely read them on a flight or on the way to work and back home and be done.  I’m not going to link during a Blogging 101 assignment but there is one on my about page if you want to check it out.

For me blogging is more of a conversation while writing a book is more of a one-sided discussion.  A blog is a chance for imperfection.  I might be on the pulse of an idea but, I might not have it fully figured out yet, and I will blog about it to figure it out.  As for perfection in grammar and punctuation, I save that for the books I publish, because I have an awesome editor.  With the blog it is just me.  My editor usually lets me know how I am doing on the blog.  (I’d love to have the income to pay my editor to work on my blog.)  Most of the time, I am blogging before work and I have to hurry up and be done, plus, I want to get back to writing my books.  You know, writing time is writing time, so I’m either writing my book or writing my blog.  So at any rate, I don’t mean any disrespect I’m just trying to get things done.

I have 8 months of material and that is a pretty good sampling of what I blog about if you care to pursue through them, right now, I want to talk about why I am here.  I am here because I was so involved in the assignments of last class that I didn’t finish.  I also didn’t spend very much time in the commons area.  The people who did spend time in the commons area came out of it with w-a-a-a-y more followers than I did.  I was happy with what I got and they have 20x more than that.  So yeah, spend time in the commons.  Be nice and help each other out.  Anyway, I was going to go ahead and finish the class on my own, but I heard they were going to do another course in Blogging 101 so I did a NaMo for blogging in November and I waited.

I’m looking forward to installing the WP app on my phone and I might change my theme.  I think I want my blog roll in a footer, so it is relevant on my shorter pages and on the longer pages it won’t matter. I’m looking forward to getting into doing the work again.  The work wasn’t hard, unless you find it hard to ask questions.  If you can ease up on yourself for not knowing what is going on and again for asking a question to find out, you are going to have a lot fun.  I know I did and I know I am going to again.

Pack Your Bags: Virtual Blog Tour Award!

On December 15th Sandi, at Sappy As A Tree told me to pack my bags because she nominated me for the Virtual Blog Tour Award!   And it was due January 5th … or December 29th if I wanted.  I think I shocked her with my joyful response. Getting blog awards are nice but somewhat scary.

But I was really excited.  I had just come out of NaBloPoMo, (National Blog Posting Month) a bloggers NaNoWriMo if you will, and I was struggling.  Trying to come up with anything for a post to get through a day until a more creative post could be done, kind of left me bewildered and receiving this award gave me a chance to get back in touch with my intention.  Besides…

1. It gave a deadline and an obtainable one at that.

2. I only had to answer 4 questions.

3. I only had to find 4 nominees.

I wanted to be done by Dec. 29th because I thought that was a nice way to end the year.  It turns out I had a lot to say.  An awesome retrospective on the craft of writing and why I do it.  I did finish by the 29th but I still had to find 4 people.

Here are the rules:

1. Pass the tour on to four other bloggers.  Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.

2. Answer four questions about your creative process.  Your answers will help other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.

3. Compose a one-time post which is posted on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).

Four bloggers whom I nominate:  

I have given this a lot of thought.  I nominated you because I admire the content you post and believe you all have something to give, but I also know that takes focus, so please, if you don’t meet the requirements of the blog, please don’t let that diminish the spirit in which it is given.

Fill Your Own Glass

Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.

Atmosphere Designer

The Crafty Lady In Combat Boots

The Due Date is February 2.  If you wish you can post on Monday, January 27.

The four questions:

  • What am I working on at the moment?
  • How does my work differ from others in my genre?
  • Why do I write or create what I do?
  • How does my writing or creative process work?

What am I working on at the moment? 

Ending a sucky Christmas.  Except I think this is okay.  This past month I have been surprising myself at how OKAY this has been.  Is this progress in a stress free and non-commercialized Christmas or is it  apathy?  I don’t know but I’m moving on.  If I didn’t have any bad Christmases, I wouldn’t know what a good Christmas was.

Moving on.  Four years ago I quit smoking by repeatedly setting quit dates and dealing with the issues that made me want to go stomp off and smoke.  While editing my notes and transforming them into a book, the beta readers, kept telling me that I had a broader audience than smokers.  I stopped editing that book to write about another exercise I did during my attempt to quit, which I call my Fruity Experiment.  That experiment effectively takes the focus off of smoking and places it on manners and lifestyle balance. Not only that, it gave me six little books to practice on.  Now I know how to stop editing and start publishing, what goes into creating covers, getting familiar with the particulars in uploading an e-book and etc..  Plus it gave me a reason to build a marketing platform (this blog, Amazon’s Author Central, twitter, fb) before I return to the big book about quitting smoking.

At this moment I’m on book four and I plan on retaking Blogging 101 in January.  Along with increased hours at work and a re-start to my exercise program, there is not going to be much free-time for the new year.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

With quitting smoking, I had come to call this “progress-by-failure” The False Quit Dates.  I thought I was on to something because I had finally quit.  At first a couple smokers and a few former smokers, wondered why I thought I was special to write a book about quitting smoking.  Graciously, they read a few chapters and now they can’t understand why I don’t have the book done yet.

Initially, these were fairly strong negative reactions; for them to do a full reversal and be positive. This supports my thought that I might be on to something.

Based on these reactions and subsequent discussions, I’d say my work differs from others in my genre because the discussion is from one smoker to another.  I take the naughtiness and fear out of the process.  I address things that don’t normally get addressed with the usual bombardment of “you need to quit right now campaigns.”  The smokers noticed I’m on their side and that I’m not trying to take their smoking away from them, yet they are obtaining useful information to quit.  Plus, once the reader closes the book, I’m out of it, they are in control of when and how they quit.

Really anyone can quit smoking without my help.  Seriously.  I did without anyone’s help except for trusting my gut and following my own needs.  With that in mind the majority of the book is basically comparing notes.  I can tell you what to do all I want, but it is up to you if you are going to take the advice and ignore it, follow it, or rip it apart and make it your own. You might be able to read the whole book (when it becomes published) and quit in a weekend.  Or you might set several quit dates and take the whole year to quit.  It is up to you.  I’m not guaranteeing that you will quit, we are just discussing about smoking and quitting.

As for the Fruity Experiment?  I take what I learned from quitting smoking and I place it on other objectives like, writing, exercising, house-hold chores, leadership, parenting, obtaining goals, feminism, and I can go on, it’s amazing how this concept overlaps into other areas of my life.  Hence my tag line: Funny thing on the way to quitting smoking; I got a life.

I used to feel oppressed and restrained.  Not anymore, because I got curious and did the work to make changes … And that is how my writing continues as I move away from the topic of quitting smoking.

In short, I think I have something different to say.

Why do I write or create what I do? 

When I hear these people and my writers group, talk about my book, I feel worthy, and purposeful.  I blush with feeling blessed.  I feel as if I am making progress with who I am in my life.  You would think that should feel normal, but this feels new and rare to me.  Like I quit screwing around and now I feel like I caught up to everyone else.  As if we are on the same page but me in my life and them in each of theirs.  Equaled in our own bubbles.

I think non-fiction works best for me because I think in demo’s.  Not quite commercials.  When I follow instructions to put things together, I think I could write those instructions as a job. (weird, right? they’re all pictures now anyway) I think non-fiction is a natural fit and is my gateway to the craft of writing.  But! I think the information would be more readily received if it were in the form of fiction.  What I see for my fictional series is thrilling, informational, gripping, passionate, cathartic, if I can actually get it there — would be my study in art.

I remember the deciding point to create what I do.  In my early twenties, I parked myself on top of the deep-freeze in the kitchen and went into deep thought about how I was going to lead by example to my two children. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, and was amazed that I was married with kids and still didn’t know.

I had come from a creative family so I knew I had creativity in me even though it wasn’t fully developed.  I had younger siblings that usually proved to have more developed creativity than I ever would have.  If I never got started developing it.  Now I had kids that needed to learn how to develop themselves to their full potential.  I felt this enormous pressure to lead by example for that.  I sat on that deep-freeze and I pondered what could I do?

Between family, the local Y programs, and art class in school, I dabbled in pottery, sewing, crafts … as an adult, I painted and stained whatever my husband created and I tried tole painting, but while crafty, and a hard worker, I was never an artist.  Everything seemed to be such an investment, from paints, clay, material, yarn.  What if I bought all that stuff then later realize there wasn’t any potential gained?  I had kids growing right in front of me, I couldn’t screw around, I had to get busy.

The one thing that I could think of to make something from nothing was writing.  As I sat there and pondered, I had pencils, pens, a computer and a typewriter.  I don’t have a typewriter anymore but I’ve always had pens and paper around the house.  Mind you this is at the shock of every grammar teacher I ever had.  From sewing, I had learned my wing-it projects turned out better than the projects where I followed a pattern.   I knew I could throw a bunch of words down and rearrange them until they fit.  Like a puzzle. Then I could always hire an editor or ghost writer to sort it all out for a final draft.  If it came to that.  All I had to do was to make sure the content is good enough to pay them.   Or something like that… I had to sit down and write a paragraph first.

So I hopped off the deep-freeze and headed for the computer.  I’ve typed and filled notebooks ever since.  Sometimes I see where writing has robbed me of moments of being present, but I have never once regretted writing.  I’ve regretted losing work from computers crashing.  I regret I spent so much time at work away from writing and not developing the craft.

This is why I continue to create what I do.

How does my writing or creative process work? 

I’m jealous of people who can write in linear fashion.  For me I imagine that is how I would self-inflict writers block, because I will forget what I am going to say when it is time to insert it here.  Instead, I will have all this other stuff going on in my head that I will forget later when it is time to insert it there.

I prefer to write what I am thinking when I am thinking it and then I do what I call re-stacking the paragraph or the chapter.  I will rearrange sentences, paragraphs or chapters like I am snapping puzzle pieces together.  I will also find better words during this process and I am always trying to condense.  As you can tell I can get quite wordy and it takes me a while to edit.

Blogging for me is a constant challenge especially without the safety net of my editor.  I always feel like I am putting out unfinished product.  I get a little sick because I don’t know what I am doing.  You’d think with all my talk of snapping puzzle pieces together that I’d be able to diagram a sentence, but I can’t, so I actually try to aim to be a sloppy blogger and save all my perfectionism for my books.

I write every morning before work.  This works well in my family because my husband works early, my children are out of school now, but I did write while they got ready and I made sure they got off to school. Then I’d continue to write for a couple of hours before work.  Sometimes, I will write at night before bed, this is kind of cool because then I dream about what I write then I wake up and more enthused about writing in the morning.

Most of the time, I can only handle being at the computer for so long.  For the sake of lifestyle balance I really try to avoid the computer after work.  This is family or entertainment time, cooking supper, cleaning house and before you know it we are headed for bed.  If I have alone time in the evening, I usually try to catch up on my TV or read a book.

I must have my writing time.  If I go too many days without, I feel discombobulated, moody, and feel like something is missing.  I block off my time and stick to it.  Usually 4 hours in the am and if I return another 2 hours at night and usually a 6 hour chunk of time on Saturday, then I’m doing pretty good.  Sunday is whatever happens.  Family time rules the day.  Since my work hours have increased I get less than an hour in the am, maybe the 2 hours at night.  Now that the Christmas season is winding down I hope I get my weekends back.

I don’t create an outline.  Whenever I try, I start writing then my outline will have one 2 page entry.  I do have a time-line which I suppose some would view as an outline, but mainly my time-line is to prevent mistakes like making a character post to the internet in 1984.

When inspired I make notes or head for the computer, but I don’t keep a notebook on the night stand. I try to do some memory tricks to cement the idea into the part of my brain so I can recall the topic later, but mostly, I figure if God wanted me to write about it he won’t let me forget it.  So I will trust that it will happen, then let my body relax and go to sleep.  Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and realize a phrase will be repeating in my head like a song stuck on a record or a CD.  I figure if it has run in my head like that all night, I will have no problem remembering it.  So I relax even further and go to sleep.

I meet with a writers group twice a month and we meet up for coffee on the weeks we don’t meet.  We are all kind of addicted to each other and we stated from the beginning that our goal and purpose was to get published.

So how does my writing or creative process work?  I just let it work and I try to keep up with it.

Day 20 NaBloPoMo; Prompt- Do I have a book in me?

BlogHer; is prompting do I have a book in me?

Me; Yes, I have several.  Thank you very much for asking.

At this moment I have two little commuter reads (34 pg.) published on Amazon and I am working to upload my third.

No one knows about them, beyond my writers group and this blog.  I have people around me who also have books in them and sadly are very competitive.  I took a page from my own book on quitting smoking and decided to quit talking about it, so they know I write, but they don’t know that I am published.

I know I am breaking the first rule of marketing.  But I am pretty happy with my choice.  In my own head I don’t see that I am really done until the series is finished.  My goal is to have a book release party when I am done and onto my second project.  That way if I receive any negativity, I can say I have some sales under my belt.  In the mean time, while I finish the other 4 books in the series, I do build up my marketing strategy.  Plus, I’ve learned how to make covers and I built a facebook page, created a twitter account and blog under my author name.  I keep learning about the craft with my writers group and blogging events.

I may find this frustrating, I don’t really find it sad.

BlogHer;  Is the blog related to your book or totally different.

Me;  Yes.

Mostly it is related to the book.  I think I have something good and I need to get it out there.  Two, it markets the books.   Three; when I am ready it will help me explore things that are totally different.  Write now I am writing non-fiction, I think the blog will help me stretch my fingers over some fiction.

Right now everything is about positioning myself.  Get a few books up and see how they do.  Get your marketing platform down.  Learn how each one works.   I find the whole process fascinating and I’m putting myself out there.  I tossed the ball and now, I’m ready to play catch.  I’m looking forward to it.

*Not edited because I have to stop and go to work….

Day 3 NaBloPoMo; Reading Day

Mondays are now a reading day for me.  With all the Blogging challenges, I found many blogs to follow, which is great, but I was getting tied to my e-mail, and somehow I would find my way back to the internet.  In the Reader, I found I could edit and manage how I follow people. There are these nifty little choices: get notified immediately after someone posts, daily, weekly, etc…  and I chose weekly.   Those notifications all come in on Monday, so now Monday is reading and commenting day for me.

Now, I know when I post I’m usually watching for a response right away.  Therefore, in some ways weekly notification would kinda suck for some people.  Except, with some relief, I have noticed a slight change in my behavior.  I can post and leave it alone, without switching to the Stats and intensely hanging around for someone to notice.  Now I realize some people won’t even get notified until Monday.   I can post and move on with my day.   Yes! This is going to work.   Whew!

Happy NaMo Everyone!

Day 1 NaBloPoMo

It’s National Blog Posting Month!  I thought what a wonderful way to build content for a new blog!  After all, when I found National Novel Writing Month  (NaNoWriMo)  I took March and created my book by writing 1,500 words a day.  Four years later I’m still editing that book and I’m in the middle of publishing a series of six little commuter reads, but hey, I’m figuring things out.  I’m finding out how to be a writer … and today is no different.

Today I am eager to get started with creating my post … but wait!  How do I cross-post?  Where do I cross-post? There is a newsletter to sign up for too, gotta remember that.  Log in and create a profile?  I did.  It seems … separate.  Did I do the right thing?  I’ve gotta be somewhere by 12:30.  Will I be done by then? 

This is what I do.  I am uncertain about everything and I pick one thing to get started.  Most times that leads to more questions, but hey, that just means I will be more thorough as I get more done.  Leave no rock unturned, but it’s my choice to take or leave what is under the rock.  I base those choices on if I really want to do this or not.  So far it is looking like I want to do this. The need to post is outweighing all the angst and fear of what I do not know.  The satisfaction I feel after, figuring that out, is telling me to keep on going.  Find the next step.  Cover all bases.  Be curious.  Be thorough.

Today is the day to figure it out.

Tomorrow is the day to see if I can repeat it.

The next day; see if I can do it in less time.

AND I’M OFF and running …  I NaMo!


Liebster Award

It is so fitting of my heritage; the awards that are out there, I get the German one.  I learned the definition of Liebster.  Cool.

The Liebster Award has German origins. The word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and boyfriend.

It aims to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Bloggers award other bloggers. Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster award:

Post the award on your blog.
Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
Write 11 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.  Ask your nominees 11 questions

Thank You

Okay, so… First of all I need to thank The Crafty Lady In Combat Boots she presented the award to me in September when we were in Blogging 101 together.  I should have thanked her immediately, but I didn’t.  I had to learn what was going on and now I think I have some things figured out.  So Thank You, Crafty Lady!  (I just love that name, “crafty lady in combat boots.”)

Nominate 11 Bloggers….

I’ll get to that later,  I’ve procrastinated enough, I will do this first and finish the nomination later.  Since this nomination is about building community with all this links and link backs, I take this seriously.

11 Random Facts

  1. I married at 18
  2. I am still married
  3. I am a mother of two.  A Girl and A Boy.  All grown up.
  4. I garden.
  5. I live for spring and summer. I think autumn is pretty, but I start slowing down and I’m not myself during the fall.
  6. I can’t stand winter, but I always get excited when it snows.  I kind of have a thing for storms up until they get really dangerous.  Then we can do without.
  7. I tried running a flower shop during the year of the recession when they told us we weren’t in a recession.  That went over well. Not.
  8. I think I like to cook and bake but when I get into the middle of it, not really.  I think I should be more capable than what is going on.  I would rather do laundry.
  9. I learned how to enjoy household chores and to not run away from them.  Enjoy is a strong word.  I’ve learned how to not get angry while doing them.
  10. I left for 15 days to quit smoking.  Broke as ever, I managed to find a cheap cabin at a local lake and I hid out during my withdrawal.  Those 15 days were freaking awesome!  Really, that is kind of sad because my Husband and kids are the best thing that ever happened to me, and they weren’t there …on top of going through withdrawal.  How is that awesome?  But it was.
  11. If I’d receive a drop sum of $10 thousand today, I’d put my two weeks in tomorrow and stay home for a year to write.  I have goals to complete, which is to finish my current 6 book series and finish the quitting smoking book.  If I can’t replace my income for a second year I can go to the mall or the local hardware stores and put in my apps on January 1, 2016.  I almost don’t care if the books don’t become a huge success  Well okay, I care, I know that just writing them doesn’t induce wild success, but they do need to get finished.  I have this innate need to complete my writing goals.

And that is 11, I guess I am going to end on that random note.

My 11 questions from my presenter, the The Crafty Lady In Combat Boots.

1.  What is your biggest dream in life?  To sit at home and type.  Being a writer was never supported by any English or Language Arts teacher ever.  It took some time before the dream of being a writer was fleshed out.  I do not see the CODE in the English language that my editor sees.  Thank God I met her.

2. Are you planning to make it happen and how? Yes! I wrote about my False Quit Dates to quit smoking.  Then I entered a zone of perpetual edit, so I joined a writers group.  They complimented me and said my perspective compliments wasn’t only for smokers.  Since I was in perpetual edit, I just HAD to know life after a manuscript.  I figured another exercise I did broke up easily into 6 little books.  So far they’ve been about 35 pages long.  This way, I can afford to pay my editor.  I made book covers.  I learned how to format, paginated, and upload the book.  I learned the different needs between CreateSpace and Kindle.  I have my account set up and I have even had some deposits go into that account. I will write, publish, repeat, 6 times before my big book comes out.  Good practice.

3. If you became a millionaire, what would be the first thing you bought/invest in.  Oh, I already have a list.  For one, I have to make a million.  If I live to 100 and I can live off of 2,000.00 a month then I have brought in one million dollars.  I probably won’t live to 100 and all those months that I don’t make will go towards end of life expenses, like hospital care, meds, common surgeries in old age.  So if I made one million in one year, it is going into the bank, (or investments) with 2,000.00 a month payouts.  I have to say that I would be impulsive and pay off my house and buy a new car.  I’d still take my year off then do my assessment on Jan. 1, 2016 to see if I would need to go back to work, or live off my writing. I’ll be a little more careless and giving with my second and third million, if it comes my way.  I have a plan, I figure I have just as much of a right to see it work as anyone else.  I might have the ability to make the millions but I can’t take them with me, so why not leave the planet better than I found it.

4. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life this far? I grew up thinking that other people’s embarrassment was my problem.  I’ve done some good work to not get embarrassed much any more. It has to do with changing my viewpoint to, “If it is their problem, it’s their problem, I can only do something if it is my problem.”  Sometimes I think this sounds rude, but mostly I found it to be a case of them being rude, not me.  (You really have to be in the moment to appreciate this one.)

5. What is your favorite sport to do? Swimming.  Biking.  Hiking.  Right now, I’m learning how to like running.

6. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard/read of? I think we are tapped out of the weirdest thing.  Between the shock jocks, media, the internet, and tats going mainstream; if we haven’t found all the weird stuff to be found then, I think we are used to the shock.  It’s time we start moving up before we find a new bottom and are all blasé about it and then find another bottom. This could be me showing my age, except I think I’m hearing it from the 20 somethings too, unless I am just hearing it from a certain group that has always been there and always will be.  Anyway, when everything is weird, nothing is weird.

7. What is the biggest reason why you decided to accept this challenge? (I’m assuming the question is directed at Blogging 101.) I wanted to do things on my blog and I wasn’t quite sure how to do them.  I always need to improve and do better.  I’m not a perfectionist, but I can be meticulous until I decide it is not worth putting anymore time in.  Most times I am pretty happy with my work even though I know someone else will come in and do a better job in less time.  Someday, I will be able to hire out for services, but I like the idea that I know what is going on, even though I don’t have a firm grasp of it.

8. What would be your dream job? Oh, I’m living my dream job.  I just need to get the income generated so I can ditch the job that pays the bills.

9. What is the scariest thing that has ever occurred to you?  I was over-employed, working 16 hour days during the weekend and getting 8 hours sleep over the entire weekend and not just in one night. I thought I was making up for it by sleeping extra on the other nights, until I came across a video when streaming videos first came out like YouTube.

I fixated on this video of a person falling asleep at the wheel without a seat belt.  He rolled his car and he floated into the backseat and his head went out the rear passenger window and the car came to rest with a crunch on the passenger side. (his head was out the window) I can’t believe I kept watching this video. I think I fixated on it because there was no blood and I was trying to see other evidence of the video being doctored.

Fake or not, this video resonated right to my core.  I was already passing a ditched car here and I would know, that was going to be me falling asleep at the wheel.  I’d pass a little fender bender there and think, if I don’t get out of the rat race and slow down, that is going to be me.  So when I saw this video it really shook me up.  Soon after, I was kicked off the money-maker schedule at my job and I think this was the reason I didn’t fight to stay on it.  My journey into underemployment began here and I just took it.  It scared me so much that 7 years later, I will not pick up a second job to work that type of schedule again.  I will find something else that surpasses that income with less investment of time, more enjoyment, and any stress will be borne of my own and not out of someone else expectations.  Blech!

10. (I had to get up and walk off question #10.)  What would you do if you found a brand new iPhone 6 on the street that someone has lost?  I have to return it.  I have this perception of what is mine is mine.  Like if someone brings a relish tray or cookies to work and sets them out, I have to ask if they are for everybody before I just go up and eat one.  (That helps with calorie consumption.)  The iPhone would be the same way.  I have my own iPhone 5c, but it is mine and all my stuff is on there.  That iPhone 6 would have a whole bunch of someone else stuff on it.  I could erase it, except, it is their stuff.   okay… On that note, I would get impulsively nosey and go through it with claims of trying to find the owner.  Not to hold that information against them or be judgmental.  Just fascinated with the human character.  Like gaining insight.


Those were really good questions.

I ask the same 11 questions of the nominees. 

Blogging 101, Blogging 201 and NaNoWriMo

I don’t know about anyone else but I jumped ahead on Blogging 101 and created pages, and filled them, I am really on Build A Better Blog Roll.  I believe Blogging 201 started and I wanted to take part in that plus NaNoWriMo starts in 11 days.  I want to create a post.  I want to comment on a couple posts.  I received a nomination for a blog award that I need to look up.  Plus I work in 20 minutes.  If today was my last day, I wouldn’t go into work.  I’d do all this other stuff and spend the day with my husband, and invite my kids and neighbors over for supper … and maybe a couple other family members and friends.  Preferably I would get in a run or a good workout over leaving all this stuff behind and going to my job.  (Did I say that right?) Now, that my children are grown up, this proves that I stay busy, because I want to be busy.  I have no idea why I ever used fear of being lazy as motivation to do more stuff.  Being busy just comes naturally.   Now that I feel like I put half a thought out there, I need to close this and go to work.

Blogging 101- Be inspired by the Community

Today, (well, my today) I am to write a post that builds on one of the four comments I left from the last assignment and I have to link back to them.  Since, not only do I have to learn how to do it, I need to practice so I am not fumbling around when I do it on my own, I will do all four comments.

First off I stopped by Fill Your Own Glass  I knew what she meant right from the title.  I have my string of mantras and I felt some sort of “axiom kinship” to my “I control myself and things, not other people”.  So I had to stop, check out her blog and tell her so.  BTW the only time I have a problem with this –control things and not people– axiom is when I am trying to get their focus off me and place it on the thing.

Next, I came across someone who is as far behind as I am at Sappy As A Tree  I just finished chiding myself over being behind because I had wanted to take part in this Blogging 101 course.  I want to learn something.  I want to build a blog!  I don’t want to skim over lessons and advice just to keep up with everyone else.  I want to upload knowledge in my head.  Anyway, even though she was behind, I could tell that she was actually using the techniques laid out in the course and I wanted to comment and let her know that I could tell she was being thorough and I had just settled this argument with myself.

Last month or so, I participated in Writing 201, even though my blog was new and I hadn’t participated in Writing 101.  Anyway, I read a post that I still find myself thinking about.  I decided that since I was scouting about the blogosphere that I would stop by and hit “follow” like I should have when I first arrived at King Of States.  This time around, I came across another post of hers about some CEO’s comment that the women’s greatest threat to the modern feminist movement is a preoccupation with counting calories.  I found it unnerving and I just knew it would stick with me for a while.  I was right and later that day, I found my own thoughts evolving.  He wouldn’t have said that to some fledgling male protégé.  Would he?  He’d say, “Get on that office treadmill because your health is important. Besides! You want to look as equally powerful and sinewy as the leadership you project.”  Better yet.  He wouldn’t even bring it up.  Meanwhile, since I was thinking about her post, I was thinking about my comment. I may have been a little snarky.  Risky for a new comment, but by her posts, it looks like she could handle it.  In my mind she is thrilled that I said,  “…your writing haunts me.  Thanx.”

I remember when my adult daughter called me and we got into an argument because I included her in something on my facebook page …  okay follow me here …  I demonstrated a lack of controlling myself and not others in a pesky rebuke of trying to get her to control herself and not others.  It was all supposed to be good FUN! (okay and get this…) While dropping some f-bombs, I told her that she had to start seeing me in a better light!

Although this has nothing to do with King of States, that is not the point.  I have no idea what she is thinking and I need to be fine with that because she is in control of what she thinks.  I put out there what I put out there and I have to deal with it and that is me controlling me.  What I am doing is demonstrating how I can get myself in a tizzy over leaving comments.  And how one word, (Thanx) can tip the scales from being all right to maybe not being all right.  Maybe even just a letter.  Would it have been better if I wrote thanks instead of thanx?

I scouted a few more blogs, and I came upon, The Girl Next Door Is Black.  I followed her but didn’t comment.  Why? I chickened out.  Oh, there is too much to say.  I wish she was my neighbor.  I could have and should have commented on the neutral ground she provided with her post about visiting Sedona, Ariz.  I’ve been there and slid down the river on a natural water slide made of granite.  I did not see the ruins or the spiritual places that she talks about.  Now I feel need to go back.  Why didn’t I say something?  Well, she had more weighty topics that were worthy of commenting.  Now, I am thinking that maybe commenting on the frivolous trip would be more important.  Anyway.  In response to one post, I wanted to comment that everyone eats watermelon and she shouldn’t exclude herself from eating it in public.  In another post about being exhausted with being black, (or maybe exhausted with everyone’s opinion of her being black) I too wanted to comment, about the same struggles in different categories.  I work hard and then get exhausted with everything being the same with woman issues. These days it’s exhausting there is no support in being a parent, that there are all these watch dogs lurking around, ready to go after you and take your kids away and label you the naughtiest person in the world.  The scum of the earth.  But since I am Norwegian, German, Irish, is that muddling her message?  Am I contributing or negating?  There is so much to say and comments are so… so… little… So with an attempt to control myself I said nothing.  But I followed her blog.  Maybe she will follow mine and we can blog to each other.  (hm, reading that sounds cheesy.)  But! I really enjoy her blog.

Getting over some common social anxiety is one thing, the better thing is that I am happy with my choices to follow these blogs.  Thanks for posting.

Now, lets see if I did all the links and ping backs correctly.

Blogging 101 Theme

Well I’m still behind this blogging 101 challenge.  I need to embed something in yesterdays post which was Wednesday’s challenge.  Thursdays challenge was to look for 3 new themes and instead I am just going to write about my theme.  I will read todays’s challenge tonight and still be behind.  I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE!

I chose my theme based on the picture.  I see it as a bog and it is a beautiful picture of a bog and since I think I’m talking to people who are bogged down, I thought it was relevant.

Plus its pink.  I sprinkle power blue and baby pink every where I go.   That is why I surprise the heck out of people when I am abrasive.  (haha, yesterdays post…)

Seriously.  What I need from a theme is to sell books.  It seems with this awesome theme that all my embedded links are hidden behind the sliding door.  I love sliding doors, we have a huge pocket door from our entry to our living room.  And like this pocket door in my living room I would want this door to be mostly open so that people can see my links and click on them instead of having to go search for them.  I don’t see them doing that.   I see a few doing so, if they are curious to click on my about page.

I also don’t really do pictures.  It seems like I can never find or create a picture that matches what is in my head, so I usually stick with posts.   I know I should get into pictures more… and that is not to say that I won’t ever post pictures, that will come with practice so, I just don’t want pictures to be the focal point of my blog.  Although I might want to decorate my blog. You know, leave something up for a while and not have it change from post to post.

This is also an exercise for a quick post before work and I keep digressing and rambling…   So I want… Posts to be my main focus.  Selling and sharing to be second, with visible embeds and something pleasing to the eye that I can have fun decorating, but don’t have to maintain with every post.

If anyone has any experience with kind of theme I’d like to hear from you. In the mean time I’m going to use the weekend to search for my three.  Any suggestions will be a bonus.

(I’m on my way to work,  sorry for not editing)

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