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My Fruity Experiment

No matter if you buy my Fruit of the Spirit books or not, the little experiment is easy enough to do …  Take one day and work on Patience.  Take another day to work on Kindness.  Another for Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control and we can meet here to compare notes.

This fruity experiment is something I stumbled upon.  I had an idea, I gave it a practice or two, worked some kinks out, I saw results, and I decided to share.  I am not a professional in anything, I was aware of my surroundings and made it work. (Okay, I’m a certified floral designer, and I am not using that training.)  But, I will say… If you ever received good advice but you were still left wondering how?  I have too.  A lot.  This little experiment helped me to get down to the how.  Take one day to try it out.  You can add another day if you want but make it work to your own life.

This site is under construction.  I’m going to run a few prompts on here and we will see what happens.  My editor will probably get a hold of this and make me make all sorts of changes too.  So please stay tuned.

If you want to take part in this fruity experiment go ahead share by your comments.  If they get too big for the comment section, write it up on your blog and link to this page.  From our last blogging 101 exercise, I’ll be notified that you linked up to my blog and I can probably post a link.  We will see….


Most of this was trying to sort out patience and self-control and how it relates to kindness, goodness, gentleness and having faith and being faithful.  It was quite a word study while I was patiently waiting in line and at stop lights, without getting aggravated.


I kept thinking Random Acts of Kindness had already been done.  Don’t we know the lesson on kindness already?  Besides, I needed kindness.  That was the lesson.  Kindness comes from me because I am a kind person. I have to feel and know kindness with in me to spread kindness to others.  And really?  If I can’t control others to show kindness to me … but if I can control myself?  Then I show kindness to myself.

Of course all this is done without being selfish.

So the big practice for me that day was that kindness includes me, NOT instead of me.


Goodness is my next release and it should be out soon.  There is a 10 day wait for proofs, so I doubt it will be out by Halloween. Close, but not quite.  We’ll see.

I had trouble with this one as I thought being good and spreading goodness is what got me into trouble in the first place.  You know, with running out of time.  Not doing enough for yourself.  Missing deadlines.  Mostly because you always stop your stuff to run and do for someone else.  Besides life was always proving that I could never be good enough anyway.  Something was always wrong.  We all know that we don’t have to be perfect, but someone’s got to point it out anyway.  So that is where the work began.  I declare, I’m not naughty, naughty, naughty!  I am an Adult!  People can try to accuse me of being naughty all they want, but I’m not going to feel it.

Can I be responsible without being held accountable?

I went all day without being sorry.  If I ran into someone, I said, “excuse me.”

A customer brought back a mistake, “Thanks for bringing that back.”

I didn’t explain, “Oh sorry, I thought, this, this and this….”

And when you are really challenged with feeling guilty, think, “Is it about them, or is it about me?”  If it is about them, there isn’t much you can do about it.  If it is about you, then you need to step up your game…without feeling guilty.


You can make this about anything you want.  For example, I already worked with my faith when I became under-employed.  By the time I was ready to quit smoking, I had to deal my surroundings and interacting with people.

Now to really send home the message that the exercise is whatever you want.  I turned over excerpts of this book to my writers group and they pointed out that the virtue is about faithfulness and not faith.   I actually heard a thud inside my head — It’s about being loyal?  “Screw that, the work I did was in faith!  Faith that you guys show up to our club.  Faith that my car starts!  Faith that I get this done!”  I dangled my submission by the stapled corner.    Well, not exactly, I processed it a lot slower than that.  Wow, did I have the blinders on.  You will see that I was able to bring it full circle.  I’m convinced that I had to work on faith before I could become faithful.  So do what you need to do.


This is a great one for leadership skills.  How do you keep your edge, which protects you, while putting forth gentleness?  I did a lot of work with hating it is not relevant, it needs to be done anyway.  I also did a lot of work with controlling things and not people.  Remember that it has to be gentle to you too.  What did you come up with?


Don’t think in terms of being restrictive.  You want to be kind to yourself and gentle to yourself and others. Remember to relax and that your main goal is to protect your good day.

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