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Technology and Social Disconnection

Often times I see and hear summations like these.  BTW this is repetitive, so I’m not going to single out any ONE person who said it or quote it.

When approaching total strangers for a project to explore connectedness/disconnectedness of todays technology what they get instead is question about their motives.

“Are you doing this for a school project?”
“Who do you guys work for?”

“There is always a surprise that we do this for no monetary value or a grade. That’s indicative of our culture: You can’t just do a project. We don’t do anything for free or collaborate just for fun.”


Say what?  That’s indicative of our culture???   No it’s not.  It is the basic quality of human nature: curiosity.  Find out why?

Not to mention it is training from stranger danger.  Don’t give out any personal information because the whole world is out to get you.

How about scheduling?  Do I have enough time to stop what I am doing to wax random philosophical opinions.

Time and time again we point out a flaw and we result in bashing someone else good idea.  Or Training for that matter.

I can also change the subject and point out that this is a classic case of trying to control others and not yourself.

It takes guts to approach random strangers and ask them to join in with you on your project and yet you want to bash them the minute they do and call it their fault for making you feel weird.

Moreover; it just a summation of of you think, does anyone stop to ask why they reacted this way?  In this case why are asking why?  Besides if you did, they’d be so flummoxed at questioning a natural response they wouldn’t be able to think of an answer until later.  MUCH later.

And… with accusations like this … no wonder we turn to technology to communicate.  Because we have lost all our patience and self-control in face to face conversations.

I see the technological advances as a natural response to stranger danger.  You might see me on my noon break zombie eating while I’m staring at the phone, but what I know I’m doing is having a very intimate moment connecting with my kids.  I might be reading a novel that is the next greatest cultural impact on my phone, which no one would question if I had brought in the book.  They’d all be jealous that I had time to read.

Anyway.   More on this topic later..

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