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Day 27 NaBloPoMo; I don’t shop on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American Holiday.  It is about the only holiday that includes everyone.  EVERYONE.   Thanksgiving calls for unity in taking one day to be thankful.

There is no exception.

There is no, “It’s not fair.”

Thanksgiving isn’t, “just for those people and not me.”

This holiday expands across all religions, all economic statuses, all races.  Yes, even the Native population, for we are told yearly that we need to give thanks to the Natives for saving our butts on that first year.  Why not show our thanks now?

These days, there aren’t very many opportunities for us to be united anymore.

The majority used to go to church on Sundays.

We sat down to supper; roughly the same hour.

With only 3 or 4 channels on TV, we watched more of the same TV shows.  We all watched the moon landing.  We all watched Roots together.  We all tuned in to find out who shot JR.

We were more united with 8 hour work days and evenings off.

We had weekends on Saturday and Sunday instead of having two days off any time of the week and then consider it lucky if they aren’t split up.

You can be homeless and still be thankful for your breath.

You can be in mourning and be thankful for sharing their lives.

Anyone can be thankful that we have another day or another hour.

You don’t need to be shamed into being thankful for what you have because others aren’t as fortunate.

Thanksgiving used to give us that one day a year where we were all UNITED in something positive. Now on that day people have to go to work, and find day care, while the rest of us rush into their place of employment to fight each other over getting in on the best deal.

When are we all truly united any more?  During times of strife?  Anger?  Mourning?  Even then we usually stand divided.  When was the last time we were all united?  9-11?

Thanksgiving was created as a national holiday so we could be awarded the day off to rest and spend time with the family in giving thanks.  This is why I do not shop on Thanksgiving.

Day 24 NaBloPoMo; I almost said forget it.

I’ve worked so hard on finalizing my third little commuter read on “Goodness” that I almost said, FORGET it.  I’m not POSTING today.  Until I remembered some tidbits my husband found this morning.  He always finds the most fascinating things.  He’s the one that should have a blog to archive this stuff and share.  Neatorama is one of his resources and today they posted some things about pilgrims in America.  Enjoy!   Happy NaMo Everyone!   And if you aren’t … Happy Writing!

Day 21 NaBloPoMo; A post just to post

Day 21!  WoW!  I’m really doing it.  Today would be a good example if I wasn’t going to live up to the challenge.  I’m going to a Trampled Underfoot Concert tonight.  I’m glad I’m going.  I will be hanging out with friends.   But to tell you the truth I would be just as happy catching up on publishing Goodness and getting on with Faithfulness.

Just now I’m pondering if this is a work before play mentality.  No I don’t think it is.  I enjoy what I’m doing and I’m fighting for the time to do it in.  Isn’t that what finding your dream career is all about?

Anyway, I’m keeping up with the challenge and I feel good about that too.  Next month I’m going to do my own challenge where I have to write 6 different posts in a week, but only publish 2.    That way maybe I will have something prepared instead of posting just post.

Nice chatting with you all.   Again this is not edited as I am rushing off to work.

Happy NaMo Everyone!

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