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Are Protesters Iconic or Idiotic?

Protesters are blocking interstate traffic to get their message across.

Really?  This is not some iconic stand for the American way.  These protesters have no regard for the unsuspecting driver that comes upon them. Yes, it is their life that is at risk, if they get killed, that’s it for them in this life.  What about the life of the driver who has to go on living with the fact that they killed someone?

It is not iconic.  It’s stupidity.  It carelessness.  They scream that empathy needs to be awakened, but yet they demonstrate they have none. There will be one or two that die before they discover they should’ve had some empathy for the person that accidentally kills them.  Instead of giving light to the cause, these actions in protest will detract from the cause of race relations and focus on the dangers of distracted driving or jaywalking.

And here is the thing that no one sees, protesters standing in the streets blatantly disregard authority. Yet, when they want people to pay mind when they assert their authority. That is not the American way.  To take out an authority figure to replace it with your own is tyranny.

What’s that?  You’re not going around asserting your authority?  Really?  What is then, when you go around telling people to behave themselves and to quit shooting each other. You want to be heard. You want people to mind what you say. You’re asserting your authority.

If you want to assert your authority.  You have to respect the one that is in place, just for the mere fact that you want your authority respected.

Think of it this way.  If you were to take over the world you would have some sort of mitigating force to keep the peace. The same type of people are going to join this force. So that takes training.  We need to quit talking about the need for having a talk.  We don’t need to share each others painful stories and wallow in each others misery.  If I want to take time out of my day to meet with you; I want to have some fun, I want to accomplish something.  Maybe eventually we’d be able to get to know each other better, maybe not. Most of all, we need to quit spreading the hate.  This means you, head of your household, to quit teaching hate and that life is unfair to the children in your household.  Yes, this also means me.  We need to teach those in our households to uphold manners and that life is what you make of it.

This is hard to do when there is a bunch of idiots standing in front of oncoming traffic!

The American way is to govern yourself.  Governing yourself is not choosing between Trump and Hilary.  Governing yourself is not even having the option to run, even though you do have that option.  To govern yourself you need to take into consideration empathy for others.  To govern yourself you have to have the mind and faculties to move forward in life, liberty, and happiness without putting others in danger.

Governing yourself is not an automatic default to govern others. It means to govern yourself, and to do it without a negative impact on others.

How dare you protesters in the streets infringe on the pursuit of happiness of the oncoming driver!

#dontmakedoucebagchoices  there are better ways to govern yourself to get your message across.

Day 4 Blogging 101: Dream Reader

I would absolutely love it if an agent or publisher would read my blog.  That is my dream reader.  Plus, of course, anyone else out that we’d marketed to after they signed me.

Except at the end of the day, if no one is reading, when there has been a lack of stats; the people I’m really talking to is my kids, and possibly my future grand-kids.  That’s who I think about.

Conversations are sometimes frustrating.  Probably one of the worst things I do to myself is I follow what other people are saying and get involved with contemplating their opinion that I forget my point.  Then of course, there is the usual “I should have said that,” because the best things are always thought of after the conversation.  Then of course there are all the interruptions.  They come from the people themselves, to the phone, to animals, or even an emergency.  Big or small, light or heavy, there are always interruptions.

So when I pass on some wisdom to my kids and I can tell there was no impact, but then later maybe had given it some thought … or if they have ever wondered what in the world was I thinking … then they know where to go. Or at least I’d like to think so.

I like writing and I love editing.  When I am writing on here i really hone in my point of view for the way life is.  In most cases, it takes me a couple of days to complete so I have time to think of things to include.  It’s nice that I can get a whole and complete thought out there and in the end I hope my children benefit from it.

Day 3 Blogging 101: Get To Know The Neighbors

Don’t Fear The Reader, I did most of my work last time around.  The first time around, working on my theme fell over unto this assignment and I just clicked on the reader, tried to figure out what it was and called it good.

This time since I am already happy with my reader I was able to stretch myself a bit. These tags seem so simple but I was able to get to a place where I could lighten up.

My Reader tags for today are:

  • Purple
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Norway

Not to mention last week I entered Garden and Flowers

The sites I visited were


Between getting caught up in other people’s blogs and one night of going to bed early, I’m already starting to slip behind.  It’s not too bad though because I’m enjoying the work.

See you in the next assignment!

Day 23 NaBloPoMo; Fighting the Fear of the Unknown.

From another post you may know that these past two weeks I pretty much gave up being an avid Mac User.  I’ve been able to upload to CreateSpace by finding work-a-rounds to get a book layout going so I can have page numbers in the corners of the pages and the Book Title in the header on the left page and chapter title on the right but most importantly I need margins so my words don’t get caught in the gutter of book binding.

I purchased Scrivener earlier in the week and I just can’t get my head around it.  It is almost like they do too much for me … put it this way … I know so little about it that I can’t accurately describe how they do too much for me.

Although, I know exactly what I am fighting. I am fighting the fear that when I’m done struggling and I THINK I have my book formatted correctly, I will upload to CreateSpace and the previewer will show that I have to adjust my margins and I can’t because there is no little box that says ‘inside margins’ how many inches or centimeters do you want them.

Instead I’ve got some software developer saying, “Now, now you shouldn’t have to worry about those, I’ve taken care of that for you.”

Now as a woman; where have I heard that before?

As a B or C student putting up with people who have been told that they are the smart ones; where have I heard that before?

I even ventured over to the Microsoft website and checked out Word for Mac, because I saw that they had a mirroring pages option for margins, but I also know it is left and right not gutter or inside and outside margins.  Scrivener used up my allotment for spending money for the next two weeks.  How many programs am I going to have to purchase before I find the right one that fits my needs.   I nearly burst out crying several times today trying to find a work-a-round.  I should be done by now.

Now, I know I don’t know what is going on in software development.   I’ve spent long enough in customer service jobs to know that the customer is nearly almost always wrong and hardly right. I won’t back-pedal on that.  But if they are playing politics with the current chaotic publishing world, they have to know, I meet my goals.  I find a way no matter how many times I burst out crying.  I’m midway through.  The question is who is going to provide the product for me to use?


Update:  Things are looking up.  I rented Microsoft Word for a month.  I think I’m making some progress before I turn in for bed.  Yay!

Day 21 NaBloPoMo; A post just to post

Day 21!  WoW!  I’m really doing it.  Today would be a good example if I wasn’t going to live up to the challenge.  I’m going to a Trampled Underfoot Concert tonight.  I’m glad I’m going.  I will be hanging out with friends.   But to tell you the truth I would be just as happy catching up on publishing Goodness and getting on with Faithfulness.

Just now I’m pondering if this is a work before play mentality.  No I don’t think it is.  I enjoy what I’m doing and I’m fighting for the time to do it in.  Isn’t that what finding your dream career is all about?

Anyway, I’m keeping up with the challenge and I feel good about that too.  Next month I’m going to do my own challenge where I have to write 6 different posts in a week, but only publish 2.    That way maybe I will have something prepared instead of posting just post.

Nice chatting with you all.   Again this is not edited as I am rushing off to work.

Happy NaMo Everyone!

Day 20 NaBloPoMo; Prompt- Do I have a book in me?

BlogHer; is prompting do I have a book in me?

Me; Yes, I have several.  Thank you very much for asking.

At this moment I have two little commuter reads (34 pg.) published on Amazon and I am working to upload my third.

No one knows about them, beyond my writers group and this blog.  I have people around me who also have books in them and sadly are very competitive.  I took a page from my own book on quitting smoking and decided to quit talking about it, so they know I write, but they don’t know that I am published.

I know I am breaking the first rule of marketing.  But I am pretty happy with my choice.  In my own head I don’t see that I am really done until the series is finished.  My goal is to have a book release party when I am done and onto my second project.  That way if I receive any negativity, I can say I have some sales under my belt.  In the mean time, while I finish the other 4 books in the series, I do build up my marketing strategy.  Plus, I’ve learned how to make covers and I built a facebook page, created a twitter account and blog under my author name.  I keep learning about the craft with my writers group and blogging events.

I may find this frustrating, I don’t really find it sad.

BlogHer;  Is the blog related to your book or totally different.

Me;  Yes.

Mostly it is related to the book.  I think I have something good and I need to get it out there.  Two, it markets the books.   Three; when I am ready it will help me explore things that are totally different.  Write now I am writing non-fiction, I think the blog will help me stretch my fingers over some fiction.

Right now everything is about positioning myself.  Get a few books up and see how they do.  Get your marketing platform down.  Learn how each one works.   I find the whole process fascinating and I’m putting myself out there.  I tossed the ball and now, I’m ready to play catch.  I’m looking forward to it.

*Not edited because I have to stop and go to work….

Day 17 NaBloPo Mo; Reading Monday

Today is reading Monday!  Today I am reading other blogs, going to work, and hopefully finishing Goodness.  So I might be cruising the app the store too for a writing app geared towards creating print books for CreateSpace.  Man, I hope they aren’t too expensive.  If you have a favorite I’m willing to hear it.

Happy NaMo Everyone!

Day 15 NaBloPoMo; Empty Fridge = Good Thing?

How on earth can an empty fridge equate to a good thing?

It took a few times before I caught it, but I was standing there in front of a near empty fridge trying to plan our next meal the day before payday … and it felt good that I didn’t have to throw food out.

WoW! About three payday’s in a row, I bought what I needed and followed through with all my meal plans.

I didn’t even over think it.  I only planned 4 or 5 meals not thinking that they would cover 15 days, but eating leftovers and making good use of leftover ingredients had multiplied each meal plan by 3. (we both eat at work so one meal is covered)

I decided that this need to “save it for later” or “just in case,” was indicative of not being raised under the most lucrative financial circumstances.  That’s also coupled with rural influence from my Grandparents keeping the pantry stocked. You know for when there is a blizzard, or for the fact that they got paid once or twice a year between the sale of grain and some livestock. As a grown up, a full fridge meant that life was plentiful. A fully stocked fridge gave me the feeling that I was a good mom.

In truth, a full and plentiful life means to go buy more food. Besides wouldn’t a good mom would cook that food. Not to mention I would get mad throwing out food that I had plans for and instead it wasted away in the fridge. That meant wasted money and goals not achieved. I worked too hard for all that food to go into the garbage.

Once I had captured the idea that an empty fridge was a good thing, I had to remind myself of the idea. I was spurned on to meet future goals of planning and cooking. The new knowledge of planning 5 meals made it easy to plan 6 or 8 meals.  I planned for more incase the new plans didn’t work out as well as what I just experienced. It was pretty tight.

It just seems so backwards from the concept that an empty fridge means somethings wrong.  It usually means hungry bellies, needy people, and hard times.  Who’d a thunk an empty fridge means it’s time to shop some more?

Thear: A New Word For Unisex Grammar

There, a new spelling for writers who want their work to reflect a singular person because they’re writing about a situation that is gender neutral.  Now we don’t have to change the spoken word, yet the grammar is magically referring to the singular.

I got the idea from tear and tear … lead and lead …  the ‘ea’ already fits right in with ‘ere’ and ‘ei’.   Including a single tear as opposed to many tears.  And we already have a word for Thears, the correct usage of their.

If someone else already thought of this …  they’re brilliant!

Thear, by trying to make things simpler I just added to complexities of life.

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