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Popping The Clutch On the False Quit Dates

Back in 2016 I had given myself the deadline to either finish the “quitting smoking” book or get an agent.  I did not meet the requirements of my deadline. After 7 years of working on it, I was done.  I had to move on.  I wanted to indulge myself in a new project. Namely, why does food affect my geographic tongue and give me migraines?  During a session with my Nutritionist, in trying to figure this out I blurted, “I want to get 100 people in a room. I want to get 100 people with a geographic tongue in a room.”

While I was thinking of round tables in a meeting room in a convention hall, after a few days of Capturing the Idea, I Sought the Solution of the internet and started Geographical Oddity.  An on-line community where we can all blog about the cause and effect of our Geographic Tongue.

I spent a few blissful months without giving the False Quit Dates a thought.  I couldn’t even generate a thought about my process to quit smoking during the few times I was asked about it.  That vault was sealed to the point that even “You’ve Got To WANT It,” floated through my brain as a response.  I remembered enough of the process to NOT SAY THAT.  In a last minute scramble, I explained that it took me 9 months of focus to get me to the point where I could actually quit.

Then one day I was talking with the administrators of the social-media community about alternatives in building my site, but the questions were for building the False Quit Dates and not Geographical Oddity.   Totally caught me off guard.  I thought that vault was shut and sealed. Although, I did think it was kind of cool how easily I could “overlap” the two, so I held on to that thought.  Then I figured, I’d get so damned curious about what would happen if I did create a community for the False Quit Dates, that I’d better find out.  After all, I don’t want to miss out if it happens to become a wild success.

At 14.99 a month I think this could be a great deal.  Much cheaper than a carton of cigarettes, or buying the patch, lozenge, or prescription.  It is also a better deal for a whole year at $164.00.  That is still cheaper than smoking cessation classes that demand people quit smoking in 6 weeks.

While this blog really has no direction and has become a behind the scenes dumping ground for everything I practice (and maybe become a bit whiney sometimes) you are going to see more practice.  I have finally graduated to a professional e-mail with ConvertKit that is what I am going to be practicing.

As always, writing right up until the time I have to go to work.  See you next time.

Geographical Oddity is getting its own space!

Hello everyone! I’ve been busy! I’ve created a special space just for Geographical Oddity. This space is reserved for people with Geographic Tongues and parents that have children with Geographic Tongue.  I’m so excited! Once we get together posting our experiences, asking each other questions, taking each others polls, who knows what we will come up with.  So of course, any medical professional who is curious about what we are doing is always welcome.

Geographical Oddity is a deep interest community that I’ve created over on Mighty Networks.  If you have participated in Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In app or Gretchin Rubin’s Better app you’ve done this before.

Membership to participate in the community is $1.00 a month. We are talking about inflammation here and who knows where that topic will lead us. A membership charge helps kick the seclusion up a notch. (Please note that I am offering a little quiet corner of the internet and not security.)  I also understand that inflammation may also hit the paycheck pretty hard, so first, join right now and I will see what I can do about keeping membership free, second, I have some ideas about donating membership but we need to get started in order to have those conversations.

This blog will continue for things that I find interesting because after all, Life is a Crooked and Varied Path.  (haha Love it!)


Got questions?  Come on over and ask them because we are going to dive deep into this interest.

NaBloPoMo 5: Skipped a Day

Yesterday I did nothing but got up, went to work, then went to dinner with my sisters.  One sister opted out of her share of the bottle of wine leaving it to and even split between me the other sister.  I was in no shape to blog before midnight.  I even tried.  I had my blog open created a very short post.  Decided it didn’t make sense. Closed it and went to bed.  This is a placard just so I can keep my entires matched with the date of the month, knowing that I skipped a day.

The Gift of Self-Care

The Zeit


We’re not very good at self-care and that’s why many of us may never even have heard of it before. If this is your first time it’s probably worth mentioning that there’s nothing risqué about it, nor is it complicated. In fact as a concept self-care is extraordinarily simple but putting it into practice takes well, practice. But the regular application of this necessary notion to our daily lives can make for a much more fulfilled existence.

What is Self-Care?

Self -care is about recognizing that in order to feel good and keep well we need to learn to nurture our body, mind and soul. It’s also about acknowledging that we matter and showing respect for the life we are living. Learning this is important because without first giving ourselves the gift of self-care we will never truly be able to be there for those we care about the most…

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Blogging University 201: Week In Review

Day 1

Goal Setting:

I made this comment in the commons, because this time around I was going to try to spend more time in there, but I’m kind of losing track of the goals I made.  Literally.  There’s bonus points to “detail my goals and publish” because going public ups your accountability, except, I have waged a war on accountability.  I don’t do things to pass or fail in public.  OR as a means to stave off failure in public.  BUT it doesn’t mean that I can’t be public about things, so usually, I just work around that advice to keep on keeping-on with what I am doing.  No harm, no foul, no limitations.   Anyway.

Why do I blog?
To self publish and/or get a book contract. Even though Grammar and English were my worst subjects, I was an avid reader and always knew, on some level, that I would publish. I never understood it until I started to sharpen my view point before I quit smoking and then some volunteer activities led me to blogging. (…and I found an editor.)
*To establish myself as a leader in my field? I guess I am developing my field. I have a couple paths that I have been trekking to see which one catches on. That is why I blog, I found my voice, I need to find a way to channel it.
*If I exceeded my wildest dreams? I don’t think my theme would change much. I’d probably get ads and make changes accordingly but then wildest dreams…? I wouldn’t need ads so then they would disappear. I would really like to see more conversations. Not so much debates, but thought provoking ah-ha moments catch hold then return to hear the impact that made on their day and led to another ah-ha moment. (so actually, this is what made quitting smoking quite exciting.)
*I want to get past 200 followers, with a stretch goal of 300 followers. Actually I want my mind blown for the increase in followers, but I will take over 200.
*In Blogging 101 I was going to create a Fruity Friday feature, but I never got out of the gate. But I think I may turn that into an event along with the “wildest dreams” bullet point. We’ll see.
*Then of course to finish Blogging 201. It took me three tries last time, but I got my blog up to where I wanted it to be, so I’ll see.

Day 2

Audit Your Brand:

I changed my background color from terra cotta to a light yellow.  Although cheerful it sure is bright and I think this is why I choose terra cotta in the first place.  Plus I thought the terra cotta and red would give it a designers edge but I was wishing for a way to inject purple in there.  Especially in the widgets. Anyway…  I’m going to see if this effects my stats at all before I switch it back.

As for the rest of the audit…

Content?  I think I do a pretty good job of keeping the thread running through everything.  In fact if I need work in this area, it is probably an exercise to throw something random in there to attract a new audience.  Mostly everything is grounded to the basic tenants of manners that are Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control.  Hence my war on accountability, my work in finding motivation through non-motivation techniques, quitting smoking, women in the work place and cleaning house. Even though it may not seem like it, I see that it is there and that itself, is the point I am trying to make.  While it may seem like I have a smattering of topics, I see the basic thread.  The practice for writing the blog is to not make it preachy or rantish as it is very easy to fall into these two categories without meaning to.

I think I have a running theme with the crooked path, winding trail, widget titles and blog entries, tag lines.  This explains the thread about my content.  I need to work on some widget titles.  I had the idea and I acted on that idea before it was fully fleshed out.  It kept me thinking about it and now I think I found the fix and I just need to follow through with rewording some widgets.   Might happen today…  definitely next week.

Maybe I should add a text widget with a pithy description of my blog’s mission.  (check recent draft)

custom widgets

test blog?!!!   WOW!  What an Idea! Put that one on the list.

Day 3

Get Read All Over

I am mobile-friendly.

Day 4

Give Them What They Want

It would be nice to see “all time” results but right now all I can see is either 2014 or 2015 results.

2014                                                                                            2015

1.  Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving. (sadly)                     A 24 Hour Day: Sleep

2. Nuns, Priests, and Equality                                                         A 24 Hour Day: Getting Ready

3.  Fighting the Fear of the Unknown                                              Without Insurance

4.  Hating It Is Not Relevant                                                           A 24 Hr Day 1st of 13 (Intro)

5.  You Can Care Without Worry                                                      Thank God It’s Monday

6. #dontmakedouchebagchoices                                     If We All Sat Around Thinking Good Things…

7.  Thear: A new word for Unisex Grammar                                      Without Insurance II

8. Motivation 3rd post of 3 part series                                              Motivation/Determination

9.  Empty Fridge = Good Thing?                                                      A 24 Hour Day: 2nd in 13

10. My work in Non-motivation 2nd in 3                                       Technology and Social Disconnection

Even though my readership has grown my hit count has stayed the same at 22 for the #1 spot, but I posted more last year while building my blog, doing NaNoBloMo, and participating more in the commons during my first time with Blogging U.

This year I am struggling more with time as I have been shaking things up at work and, and placing a high importance on my 13 part series while trying to have a really clean copy without the aid of my editor.  All this has taken a toll on the number of posts, I churn out.  Even though it seems like I’m blogging “ALL THE TIME”

These results could be slightly skewered because I did not include really random off topic stuff or posts that were specific blogging U lessons, (i.e. Introduce yourself, visit 5 bloggers and ping back).  Not only because they were off topic, but also because the readership is generated as we are supposed to go seek out others as part of the assignment.    I could also tell that with NaNoBloMo, I got a little off topic with trying to create daily posts.  There are a lot of “in the moment” posts.  Good for bulking up my blog, but may have put a small dent in the character of my blog. Especially when the posts started to center around whining about not keeping up or cheers that I am.

A 24 Hour Day : SLEEP 8 Hours (3rd in a series)

The daily post gave a writing prompt about sleep. Serendipitous!

Life is a Crooked and Varied Path. Get On It!


I start with sleep.  Not because it lops off our biggest chunk of the day, but because if you go long enough sleep is uncontrollable.  Sleep will literally overtake your body without you knowing it.  Ironic, as sometimes your body doesn’t go to sleep when you want it to.

We know we’re supposed to get seven to nine hours of sleep and we are repeatedly told that sleep:

  • promotes weight loss
  • restores and repairs our bodies
  • creates more energy
  • is a stress reducer
  • promotes optimal hand eye coordination
  • promotes higher cognitive thinking

What it comes down to is that sleep makes us wake up brilliant, beautiful and productive.

I don’t know about you, but when approached with this topic, I used to get protective of my waking hours.  I would get defensive at the mere mention of “supposed to” or “required” when it comes to talking about sleep. Besides, I wanted…

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To get to sleep on sleepless nights I have done number 2. And i like the idea of driving the quad through the woods.

I usually shut my mind off by looking at the shadow play on the ceiling, whenever i catch my mind wandering i refocus on the shadow. Its almost as if the longer I keep my eyes open the faster I fall asleep.

Help! I Invented Something

Just thought this needs exposure.

Christa Wojciechowski


So I have this invention…

This idea for a gizmo has been bouncing off the walls of my skull for over a year now. I thought that surely it was such an obvious idea that someone, somewhere must have come up with it already. I looked for it in stores, but I never found it.

I kept looking and waiting. I asked for it and got weird looks. I searched the internet. Surely, some company in the world would realize the gap and fill it.

Any day now…


I still didn’t see this gizmo. I wanted it and needed it and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Then it occurred to me…

Ding! Maybe I have to invent the damn thing!

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Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often

I have nothing more to add! Perfect!

Blog Awards: Tag Your It!

I have done some serious blog searching.  I received a blog award and I’m ready to post what I wrote except I need to find four blogs to nominate. Awards take time to complete and the purpose is to help grow your blog.  One award wants you to nominate 11 new bloggers.  Some of the bloggers I’ve gotten to know don’t need the help or are overwhelmed with their own blogging.  That leaves me trolling for new bloggers who don’t know me from a spammer.  Actually when it comes to naming the nominees, I feel like I’m tagging someone, yelling, “Your it!”, then run screaming back into the blogosphere.

This blog award has a due date of Jan 5th and I’m letting you know, I’m on the prowl.

BTW   Day 1,  I walk/ran 3 miles.  30 days to go.

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