Crooked and Varied Path

This page is under construction.  This is the page where I will sell my book “The Crooked and Varied Path to Quitting Smoking”.  Unfortunately, the book won’t be finished for the new year.

You can still get started now by starting a series of False Quit Dates.  Set a quit date for tomorrow.   Are you balking at the idea?  Sort of panicked?  Why?

There may be a few reasons so pick one, just one, and pick the easiest one.  Now work on that excuse until tomorrow.

If you quit?  Well that is what you wanted, right, to be able to quit, as if not wanting to smoke anymore is enough.  So what would happen if you quit tomorrow?  You just might?

What  happens if you don’t quit?  Well, set another quit date?  Go two days this time.  Go two weeks.  Set it for next month.  It is up to you.  Don’t get complacent.  Find some routine, then shake it up, then find another routine.

That is how I quit smoking, I kept setting False Quit Dates and working on my aggravations that came out of them and set another date until I came to the real quit date.  I quit and I haven’t looked back.

Why do I call it the crooked and varied path?  Because, it goes against what everyone tells you … which is, “Quit making excuses and quit right now.”  I say take a look at that excuse and give yourself a moment to work on it.

I’ve been thinking about creating a workbook and I’m going to see if that is possible through this blog, because I really can’t think of anything but an empty journal.  What I like about the book is that you can read through it in about a weekend, absorb the information and find your own spot to get started.  If you are going to jump, hop and skip around on your own path, that is a challenge.  In the meantime while I get things up on the blog you can check out the page My Fruity Experiment, or check out my Rumination of the Fruit of the Spirit on Amazon.   (Links coming soon)


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