Eating Experiment

I’m in the middle of a personal experiment and this page I will collect my findings and then go back and add to it when I find them.

The problem is that I don’t want to paint the picture that I’m a gap-toothed, balding, yeasty, pudgy, little thing because I really don’t see myself that way.  I see myself as clean, drab but not ugly, with enough hair that you wouldn’t think I lose it.  The biggest indicator in this experiment is my tongue.  Who the heck wants to have a discussion about the tongue.  GROSS!

At the behest of my embarrassment, I’m going to do it anyway.  I am hoping interested parties can follow my blog and like this page and get an update every time I post.  (I hope it works that way for pages) Then for everyone else who cares about others things, won’t be bothered every time a new theory inspires me to test it out.  Because that is what I am doing.  I’m putting one and one together to see if I can figure out what the heck is going on and it is going to take more than one blog post to do it.

I will start with a poll or two.

I think I will start there.   I need to chill out and see what kind of reaction I’m going to get.  Who knows, I might be deleting this page by the end of the month.  Besides, how many auto-immune disorders can a person have, anyway?


Saturday July 25th, 2015

Whenever statistics come out about our ever-increasing population of overweight people, my first inclination is to blame new fangled things.   For instance, I would watch the teflon coating peel off my frying pan and wonder what in the heck am I doing to myself and my family, cuz that HAS TO BE getting into our food and we eat it.  Then of course there is Monsanto and the dreaded GMO’s.  I really don’t care for whatever response I get from this comment because hearing the words “round-up ready seed” just sounds like something you should spit out.

I often think about the microwave.  That’s an invention that was never heard of in the seventies, then popular in the 80’s and a staple appliance in the 90’s.  I don’t really think of the microwave itself, but who waits for those few minutes to let it finish cooking?  So, is that piece of food actually cooking in the mouth? down the eustachian tube? In the stomach?  If so? Is it killing microbes? enzymes? creating blisters?

Then from working in the food industry for most of my life I’ve seen sanitation practices increase we went from using a capful of bleach to using a powered sanitizer.  (Who really knows what’s in that stuff?)  To the use of gloves, trapping whatever gets caught or brews in there until we switch them out.   Gotta wonder what happens when your skin doesn’t see air for 8 hours at a time.  (except for hand washing and breaks, only to return right back into the gloves).  I have seen my nail health drastically improve in just little over a month of not wearing gloves.

To household practices.  Sometime between the 60’s and 90’s the practice of rinsing has gone by the wayside.  I know for sure that before cooking meals, I have used several different types of spray-and-wipe cleaner and then I placed my food right on top of it.   AND I was thinking I was doing a good thing and being prudent with a cat in the house whom I suspected jumped on the counters when we weren’t around.

I know.  I think too much.  But thinking too much has gotten me where I am today and I’m pretty happy with it.  I quit smoking, found some balance, and I’m better off than I was 10 years ago. (2005)  Today, I’m using it to tackle things that some local doctors don’t like to deal with.  So I have to strengthen my argument before I go in.  …But I should get insurance first.  …The new job should help with that in a few months.

There HAS got to be a reason why the only way I lose weight is by nearly overdosing myself with garlic and I think it is the same reason my tongue reacts to gluten.  So yes.  Right now I am very happy with over thinking things.

But as I started this post about blaming new fangled things.  I also always think about my Grandmother and how she had the same complaint that the weight never comes off no matter what.  How, as a child, my stomach was queasy after eating this or that and I just thought it was digestion.  Or, how I had breakouts here and there that seemed to be more drastic than other people’s, and I could see the same on some relatives, so it has to be hereditary.  Right???

And now I’m questioning, can something be hereditary but not genetic?  Did we bring something over long ago, when our family came from overseas?  Did this something make itself at home while they homesteaded?  Are we more susceptible after one relative survived dypyheria? or caught mono? Anyway there are instances that I know were going on before the new fangled things and practices came out.  Doesn’t mean the new fangled things are off the hook.   Who knows maybe exaggerate the condition.

Anyway that is why I am making notes and seeing if anyone responds.

Aug 12th 2015

Improvements from a Gluten Free Diet.

While I won’t say that I am Celiac, nor even that I have an allergy, something is going on and I want to make note of improvements while I think of them.

I used to have this dot underneath my shoulder-blade.  This dot would come and go with no apparent indication.  Advil would help.  It felt like any joint out-of-place except in a place where there wasn’t a joint.   I was always pressing back against chairs or door jams to try to rub this thing out.  My husband would rub between my shoulder blades nearly every time we went in for a hug.  It was always just out of reach and normally blamed on my bra.   The dot would come and go and could never be reached because it was under my shoulder-blade.  The dot would also affect my neck, shoulder, and fingers and set off a dull ache.  I was always stretching my chicken wing in a circle or raising my arm up and dropping my hand behind my back to grab my elbow to reach farther down my back.  (this is still an awesome stretch for after exercising)

I don’t remember this dot as a kid.  About the only thing I remember as a kid was a queasy stomach after eating.  I always assumed it was food digesting.   Now I know food digesting feels good, or I don’t feel nothing at all.  (some things still set it off such as tomatoes)

Most of my ailments came in the form of sleeping wrong. I have often wondered why in the world would a body do this to itself.  The body should instinctively know and then turn over during the night.  Here is my theory on that.

When your body is inflamed it’s all swollen between the joints of your spine, then you lay down on your side for the night, you are probably comfortable and in line for the swelling when you go to bed.  During the night your body resets itself and deflates, the result is that your spine contracts to the position it is in.  So if you think about it, any position is the wrong position.  Before my gluten-free diet, I had spent nearly a year sleeping flat on my back, without a pillow and I’d still wake up with headaches.

Which also brings me to my other point, if the remedy for a headache is to go to bed then no one should be waking up with a headache.  If so, something is wrong.


3 thoughts on “Eating Experiment

  1. goldencougarwolf July 31, 2015 at 12:23 pm Reply

    It would be nice if you put on your poll “I don’t know if I do” or something like that. Some people don’t know they have a geographic tongue unless a doctor tells them. Some dentist don’t tell you either.


    • 04ling July 31, 2015 at 1:43 pm Reply

      Plus i love it when they (drs and dentists) shrug their shoulders like its no big deal. I toy with the idea to post a picture of a geographical tongue but i want to find people who know what that is before i go all out. Really im just doing what i can get done when it gets done. At the same time if people that know what a geographical tongue is and are supportive about it will signal me to move forward. If i get a bunch of negative feedback and/or crap i may cut it out all together. Eventually i may have an image linked to a poll.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 04ling July 31, 2015 at 12:29 pm Reply

    I thought “I don’t know what that is” and “Nothing. BUT now that you bring it up??” covered those. But if you think I need to be more specific… that is good information to know.


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