Reading Me? Should Read These People

Author Associations

SD Author Association   State-Wide Writing Community

SD Festival of Books   Where Readers and Writers Rendezvous

My Fellow Scriptors 

Tricia Andor   Landscapes

J. E. Cook    Witty Wordsmith

Doug White  The White Papers    New Book  The Habitué

Dar Streedbeck   My Editor

Jan Andersen  The Accidental Biographer

Cheryl Chamberlain  Photographer, Poet, and Fiction Writer

My Inspiration

Gretchen Rubin  The Happiness Project    A big inspiration.   If you are reading mine you definitely have to read hers.

Sarah Aguirre     House Keeping   My opinion on lifestyle balance is that we left some tools behind.  If you think you need to run back and pick up a tool or two here is some get “back to basics advice.”  She also releases a yearly 10 Week Holiday Preparation Plan.

Brené Brown      Daring Greatly   Her work in Shame and Worthiness is on par with my, “I’m not naughty, naughty, naughty!  I’m an Adult!”

Born to Run        Christopher McDougall   I bought this book, because Chris was an author at our yearly Book Festival.  Aside from the debate over barefoot running, this book inspired me to run after being a lifetime hater.  I learned that there were techniques to running and not just telling me to run then judge me on my running.   It has been slow going but starting in my mid 40’s, I do run intervals quite regularly.

My Favorite Fiction

These is My Words    Nancy E. Turner

I hope to get a goodreads link or widget up for my current fiction.

Blogs I Follow 

People I have met through Blogger University Classes and The Reader.

Looking Beyond       

Fill Your Own Glass  

The Girl Next Door Is Black

Sappy As A Tree        

K. Renae. P              I don’t reblog often but when I do; it’s here

Amie Writes             

Eclectic Alli              

April’s Playtime         

The Crafty Lady In Combat Boots Nominated me for the Liebster Award

King Of States!          

Atmosphere Designer 

Big Red Carpet Nursing

Word Press .com News

Broke and Ambitious  

Young and Twenty    

Hello. I love a good meaty discussion, so please, say what you think. At its core this is a manners blog, please take a moment to represent yourself in the best light and reply to others as if they represented their best.

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